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A protestor recites the rosary outside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles

I knew the world was going nuts but … it’s official that social media lets you know that it’s  worse!

Even preachers are going MAD!  Did  you know that “being a preacher” could bring so much status?

You can now understand why people don’t like church… I am getting there myself!  I’m very serious… and I grew  up in church and I exhausted with the faking.

Lord, have mercy if isn’t enough to get past the sex scandals…their marketing strategies to recruit more idiots, fake holy waters, and pimping the people…
“Big Willie Style”…

Now all of sudden the freaks come out at night.  There is nothing wrong with the human body…but it’s disgusting to see your Pastors creeping on the Internet… on the Red Hunt and ain’t even October!  Posting for sexual favors… Oops… Did I tell  you most of them are married?

 What’s the matter with these “weak Parishioners” that continue to support your “Perverted Pimp Pastors… It’s funny the church folks quote scriptures when an insider is somewhere doing God knows what… What in the world are you advocating now days in the church?  The church has lost its spine!

No more than I support Perverted Priests…. who molest children!  People  love to play super sensitive when it comes to that they are in the wrong church and with the wrong leaders!

I recently had the disgusting opportunity to go down the list of troubleshooting all the jacked up churches in America that came across my desk. Where are the protesters? Hmmm,… That’s right there are none! Anyone can call themselves….Yet, the who God calls and commission to bring it home!

There is a  Pastor posted up for all the world to see just how “big and black” his bottom was… If that didn’t anger me… There are Pastors in uncompromising positions taking “selfies”… Okay… No one is talking about the “filth”… I don’t need to see your  secret birth marks… Isn’t it odd that the church is always silent or regurgitating on its own mess? …I know, I know, quote a scripture! It’s a hard word… well, it’s hard pretending to be men and women of standard and there is NONE!  

If God had of told me all that I had to encounter I think I would still be running from the nonsense.   Give me a break! Everyone “ain’t” perfect…. Lord, so many of you have been riding out on this garbage since conception!   How are we called to make a difference when half of the ministries today are sold out on being a darn celebrity, or selling their souls to the devil for a cheeseburger!  

Unfortunately, I am popular in another fashion… I am known to tell it like it is… Why  would I be in ministry telling lies?… Satan has enough opportunities for that.  That is why a level of consecration is needed especially for all those who think another educated degree means you know God. WRONG…Sometimes many of them are so educated and skip having a relationship with God.  I have never read the educated is call and few are chosen… As I recall God QUALIFIES THOSE WHO HE CALLS…  Yes, I love education and lots of it. But I know my reason for being and I am still “learning” who God is!

People watch that nonsense. People play with your head with that garbage. Doctor Doolittle of nothing is all up in ministry. To listen to some of them , I rather  watch paint dry!  All into themselves and head is big as Atlas! Superficial and you should see how so many of our people are “ignorant” in the organized religion game.   Skip knowing God, do whatever you want… Jesus has a free sin pass until next Sunday! 

If your Pastor is posted up on Face Book… Looking a “hot mess”….thinking that he or she is a legend in their own mind… Be kind enough to speak the truth and find a new church that teaches God’s truth…

No wonder the church has come to so much compromise… How does a minister has a girlfriend for 20 years and not marry her? Wow!  Do you think they just hold hands? Okay…  How is it that some churches advocate a lot of milking cows without a purchase?Since when does God boost ratings on a show by showing your penis and its a mistake? How does a Pastor send a selfie to his mistress and no one is saying a word… Cowards in ministry is that we have today!  As many that “think” they are radical… many are afraid of their own shadows and prefer being in the know with the people instead of God. Some of you need to repent right now! God can snatch everything today! Some will be exposed in the coming days!

In other words… The church hates to talk about sex but are having lots of it… And  a lot of perversions is going on right in front of our faces. People are having children even out-of-wedlock… First Lady on the front row… and her husband down low lover on the second row.  Desperate hateful women in church … swinging and swapping mates as if they are at Burger King Convention… Having it their way!  Bishops taking his “boy toys” to nail shops… And his wife is not in fear of contracting AIDS or that her husband loves children? It’s a sick world after all!

God pattern the church  for a reason, to be a filling station … a place to get that Pac Pill and run with it… Too many have no spiritual energy to press to another level… too tainted ,  too unconcerned, and too lazy to  care… It’s all about status… So, when all else fail to get attention or rating for new “Christian” reality shows… Show some private parts! As hilarious as it sounds… We have people that know better, that get off on this craziness… Yes, preach in the nude that is way we  were born… Lord it gets worse! Push up bra evangelist… And because “we” sat back and did nothing… What next?

As many say they love God we fail to confront all the whoredome that goes on in the name of God. If your freaky Pastor is slobbering all over themselves when they see body parts it’s a sign that he or she is struggling with something. That something is what the church should discern not cover up.  Get  your filthy people out of the pulpits and you can then prune the pews.  People have a tendency to match their leadership. If the Pastor is nuttier than a payday… watch what is at hem of their garments. It will reflect. When a man or woman teaches honor it reflects somewhere honor.

 Take these perverted freaks and   remove them out-of-the-way and sit down… No, I didn’t say Sabbatical! I said we don’t justify why sin is okay with selective groups even your “perverted Pastors”…  And don’t think for one moment… that Jesus warned all of us about how satan will tempt all of us with worldly value.  It’s a sad day in the pulpit when you almost have to do a background check on the person preaching…con games, are everywhere!  

God gives us plenty opportunities to invest in the KINGDOM OF GOD… without all the fanfare. Have you noticed that some will be on fire for God until celebrity status hit and then they don’t want to offend anyone. So , then they it play safe…,There is nothing that will be more embarrassing when God puts your business on front street…. These ungodly leaders are sold out to fame and fortune, could care less about a soul… or  how many defected members came to church….It’s  about M&M ( money and members)

Please don’t tell me everyone makes mistakes… When you are surfacing the Internet on purpose, looking for Mr. Goodbar?  Yeah right! People take the blinders off… Its bad when  your Pastors are posting up private parts on selfies…. and you continue to support that kind of ministry. Something is terribly wrong… And don’t worry….. open shame is coming sooner than you think!

ARE YOU OFFENDED? GOOD!  Now  get off of your “blessed Assurance” and do something! We are in the darkest hour… everything is springing out  of the night and the  closets “except” strong Believers!