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If we are all on the same mission and that is to do God’s work… I don’t have to impress anyone, strip down to my bare bottom, use any entertainers, frills, or thrills!  Where is the nonsense coming from that I have to appeal to anyone? As if God has to come down on man’s level to draw his people. That is why  many pump, prime and bring so much entertainment…That is what we do… If God had his way… do you really think that “churches” would do half the religious nonsense that they do?

I am only a conduit of what God uses… God has consecrated many of his messengers and doesn’t need to be converted to the craziness that masses are sold out to!  I have been around some so-called “impressive bags of hot air”… they are afraid to just tell the people the truth. Instead we douse with a lot of fluff and whole bunch of sugar!

 For the oddest reason, we all pick up the same bible but there are those who use the “bible” as a weapon. God’s agape kind of love is hardly taught, and churches are used for social and self-made doctrine to control people.  You can’t understand my straight forwardness… and I can’t understand “cowards”.

For those who call themselves Christians… It’s not in the bible… However, I believe in Christ and following his standards. Everybody claims to be a Christian, but lack Christian values. There is nothing wrong claiming to be a Christian if you are “truly” a follower of Christ. Like man have swallowed generational ignorances by telling you what has been passed down for centuries… Sorry, folks I am not there… and don’t plan on visiting.

 We  have the “passivity Pastors” that only speak of the goodness of God and never tell the people who God’s annihilates! We must speak balance…Speaking “honey ministries”  keep the people happy and comfortable… but they live so far from the truth.

 I already know being in a “Catholic arena mess a lot of super deep “Charismatic spooky” folks up!  Many people continue to ask… How did I wind up in a Catholic setting? As if the Catholics doesn’t need Jesus!  And  I have something else to tell you… I mess the Catholics up also as if God can’t come in their  buildings!  

We need to let it go… already! What I speak and live is according to the word of God.   Last time I checked we got heathens in all denominations… and it might be your Pastor!

The challenges on the front lines is going to the places God’s wants you to go and often times we settle for “our kind” and our own comfortability. Unfortunately, many “think” they have this monopoly on God… Satan has your number he just hasn’t given it to you yet!  Remember I said this….EASY TEST, EASY PREY! What is ripping the church apart… a whole lot of hatred, bigotry, prejudices and leading the charge… IGNORANCE! People today don’t perish because of a lack of salvation… but the lack of knowledge!

Some of you are still choking on words because Father Pfleger is white. Roman Catholic and other things. I know exactly what he stands for and idolatry isn’t one of them… I wish some of you get over it! As if   God, stops at one race of people, certain kinds of religion and  what many called “sanctified churches’… only… I have witness many things even among the very elite “Bishops… So lets not place people in slots and categories. God thought enough to send me… So here I AM!

Well, let  me allow the HOLY SPIRIT… to be transparent with some of you…

Sanctification… means to be set apart… not how long your dress is…because if  you are whoring around… dresses can still come above your hips… short is only easy access!  If you decide “jewelry” will send you to  hell… then you take it off… If gospel music is all you listen to … okay… Religion creates a whole lot of unnecessary barriers.  Some of you stop going dancing… because you think satan may get in you step… Some of you don’t eat certain foods….as vegetarian can’t get fat!  STEREOTYPING IS WHAT MANY CHURCHES DO AND SENDS THE WRONG MESSAGES!

 Satan takes the littlest things and keep a lot of people bound with “ignorance….that’s why I preach against it! God knows our realties… it’s the church folks that complicate the matters! I am not offended because I know what stand, speak and live about … wont be for everyone just the ones that count… The HOLY SPIRIT is the real “teacher”… that is why I know many people in ministry miss it! Your personal ideologies and opinions can’t light a candle to the guidance and direction of the HOLY SPIRIT! 


ALL OF US  fall short… turning your nose up certain people and certain religions…Isn’t too much “Godly love”! God uses who he wants… and it comes with teaching his leaders how to love. If you are  absent of it… Guess who your Daddy is?

Do you honestly believe God gives himself only in parts to the masses? The HOLY SPIRIT is our guide and guides to the truth. I know many would like to think God needs your help… He doesn’t!  

The transformation power is not  your deep sermons, or how many books you have published… or even your popularity… The HOLY SPIRIT …is how we get the job done… some are full of a lot things but the HOLY SPIRIT  isn’t one of them!