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I can a recall one situation in my “teenage years” very vividly…. I was to start a part-time job working with the “Assistant Pastor”… I was to do some office work for him. 

Needless to say… I told my Mother that he gave me the “creeps”…

My “grandmother” I swear was the “Devil”… and she was noted to be apart of his entourage!  

She told my mother a bunch of lies  that he was a nice man and so forth… And said that my “gripe” was all about me and nothing more… Nothing unusual  there, she and I never got along… So for her ,she would respond in this manner…

I saw something else and in the pit of my stomach I knew something was off about this strange man. I knew my “Mother” sense something too but she watched from afar… Meaning…she didn’t always “clue” her mother in on things because she came up a little shady too!

I told the guy  that I was dating  just in case, I wanted someone else to know… I sense danger… This man had something else on his mind and it wasn’t office work. I didn’t care if he was a “Pastor “he made uncomfortable. …  My boyfriend,  was a big  guy, and well-known football player within the city…He told me that he would pick me up from work… if things get a little off base… If you know what I mean?  

I walked in the “Assistant Pastor’s ”  place of business,his wife…was jealous the minute I stepped foot in the door. I knew this was nothing but trouble! Yet, all the adults I told basically “blew” me off…  Her husband grinned from ear to ear when he saw me.  Everything in me went off.  I looked for all the things that were going to be weapons including the staple gun. I was going to knock him out with something and didn’t care at this point if I hurt him… I knew he wanted to rape me!

I saw his wife’s eyes… she knew something was wrong with the fella and I knew she covered up things for him.  The way he looked at me was nothing new to her.  His wife, then was pregnant… and she looked miserable! She left knowing he was going to “try” to hurt me… I loathed her… I knew she was a coward!

When he had given me my work for the day… He started “sniffing” on me and trying to rub himself on me.  Which I then begin to get up from the desk …. I saw something in him… that others were “dismissing”… And it  didn’t take  long before he tried to make his move.  As repulsed as I was I wanted him to try something because I wanted to “bang”  his head…. The “Assistant Pastor” at this point tried to sexually assault me…His words against mines… 

He underestimated my response I came out and let him know what I saw… He was embarrassed and  I went “ballistic”…   I ran out and back then telephone booths were everywhere…

I called my “Mother” which quickly turned into a very serious matter… My mother showed up with her . 38 Smith and Wesson… fully loaded… It was a hot mess!

My “boyfriend”  arrived threatening to kill him on the spot. The Pastor was called by my grandmother … the church was only a  few blocks away… The Pastor had to talk everyone down…Of course,  the Assistant Pastor, lied…

He never came back to the church… and last I saw of him… still Pastoring in Indiana, and on television!  I asked myself… How many children did he molest? How many lives had he destroyed?  He almost had me!  No matter how far he was the “scars” remained. I was almost “raped” by the Assistant Pastor. I had already experienced the lack of character in the church…. this situation made me more than aware … all because you are in church…doesn’t make it safe!

I share this story a lot because I know that like anything else, the church can often have selective blind spots and or amnesia.  Often times when we are in certain arenas people see what they want to see… and turned their heads when trouble stands right before them.  What “fuels” me even more is that  it’s not the building we go inside of… it’s the “dirt and manure” that fester inside of it. I learned quickly,  that “ministry” is downright difficult and not for the lazy and faint hearted.  It’s a place that you must stay and  embrace ministry with  consecration or you will find yourself… In many situations that we are not prepared to deal with.  We have to also deal with the bad alongside the great!

One of the worst dangers in the world… is when “popularity” put people of authority and  leaders” are on pedestals and they get into the “no fly zones” with the people he or she favors!  This opens the door widely, for the enemy to launch attacks. Why you are being self seeking… so is satan wreaking havoc on the places you dare not confront! All because we might think someone is worthy… We still have to ask as ministers…What did God say and be careful of those who speak well of us!

When people tell me that they have been in prayer or been before God and continue to make foolish decisions  and act unseemly … All I see is FLESH.  All of us are have done this… You have made decisions hastily and not wisely! I know that all the “horrible” experiences I had growing up in church has prepared me for who I am today. God isn’t done but I know these situations “strengthen ” to see just about “anything” inside the church!   I am careful of this… and I ask God to show me what I am to confront, dismiss and prune away from my life… be it… people, places and things.

When leaders have a hard time confronting the truth… it’s at this point the individual must realize who they are “truly ” serving!  I have seen the destruction of spiritual abuse, and the abuse of authority in many people in many arenas including ministry… Popular or otherwise…Some have no business Pastoring  or going near any places of worship… I will stand on this! I don’t endorse anyone without first allowing myself to seek “higher ground” . Ministry might seem so plentiful to the man who is self-seeking, but spiritually it’s suicide if you get away from God by being a showpiece and a liar!

And it’s not based on Gin and tonic… or that you have eaten a bad taco, or spoiled cabbage. Too many folks are vying for popular opinions over TRUTH. God disapproves “greatly” anyone of us that “ignore” troubles that we should either confront or prune away from.

When a child tells you that a person of authority , fondled them  or did some inappropriate act… We are not to dismiss the charges but investigate them!  If such claims and accusations are made seek God’s wisdom and direction how to pursue the matter. Often times the situation gets even worst when we send someone else to handle what we should have confronted.  We can’t always trust who we “think”might get the job done.  Sometimes they are apart of the spiritual debris. Sometimes it’s you and GOLIATH!

Why are so many people getting “abused” on your watches?   Ignoring situations only make them fester! We can’t just ignore the signs that trouble is on the horizon…we prepare ourselves for the warfare… If we didn’t have to fight… why does God gives us armor? (Ephesans 6:10-20)

I warn people all the time don’t get hurt by being ignorant to the devices of satan… People actually believe “satan” is afraid of the church…Oh no! If he has a special seating arrangements, positions , pews or the pulpit… He has PERFECT ATTENDANCE!  The churches today have  gotten so caught up in PERCEPTION AND SKIP REALITY! 

Some people actually believe is all that God requires is for you to work in the church, do church functions, and all of this other nonsense.  Whatever we do it’s not for personal glory… but to esteem God’s people to move forward with their relationship with him. It’s not  a social club although it can be social. We are not use church to push dead careers, or vying for political offices, neither to enhance “ungodly”  romantic agendas!

It’s sad when the church uses “dumb rebuttals”  God is going to work it out… Pray about it…  Let me think about it  People don’t fall for the deception.. Sometimes the Law needs to called or people need to be dismissed…

Yet, the church is becoming more and more at risk…because we have janky leadership…Without character and integrity! Yes we have issues and imperfections… There is something “seriously” wrong…when the church forgets the TRUTH… My charge is to expose the nonsense and not become dead to it!  Many times people see the wrong things going on… and let it continue.

Confrontational is not always easy…but it is necessary! We have to deal with things we rather not… It’s not going to go away all because you can’t handle the truth or deal with it! Many times these will be the test…

My question is what will you stand for?… Going blind when all  you have to do… is face the truth about a thing! Acting as if you can’t remember… It’s a serious charge against God when people who know better continue to tell lies or keep the false pretense going!  

I don’t play Russian Roulette with God’s people… by accepting wrong realities! We don’t ignore bad behaviors, criminals in our midst, deviants in our settings…Life has a way of bringing the truth back in full circle and who knows  with what deadly consequences  physical or spiritual! The church was never to cover-up  lies and deceptions but expose the plans of the enemies even if we uses his two-legged human  agents.

 There is a time when a church will be a hospital…I just pray it doesn’t aide and abed! And let the “patients” know when quarantine is necessary and learn when  to CALL IN THE  ” SPECIALISTS”!