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ice_water3I enjoy drinking water… and I didn’t realize how many people hate the taste of water. I can recall my “mom” stood over us and made us drink it.  As I have gotten older… I am understanding more and more about the importance of drinking water. 

Water makes up 2/3 of our body and our body can become easily dehydrated without it, This in turns will trigger the body to retain water and sets of the wrong hormones…

The best colon cleanser  and its cheap …for myself is in the morning is  to drink a cold glass of water and wait at least 30 to 45 minutes before a that first meal.

If this is your first time drinking cold water before breakfast, don’t be so surprise with the results … it’s best to either be at home for the day or make sure you are near a bathroom. You will be surprise what sits in our colon over night. Cold water has  a way of flushing out your system the first thing in the morning! It wards of constipation and different bowel disorders.

Remember back in the day… Our parents would have coffee after a meal and they might walk…

I learned that the Chinese believe that  drinking  warm tea after a meal  aids in the digestion and is a lot better after meal and that cold drinks solidify and kicks up acid indigestion. Something to think about!

Yet, I believe water aids in many others ways in our system and is a healing aid to many diseases.  It’s okay use filtration systems …it purifies the water… 

Our ancestors had eaten more vegetables although they consumed meat rarely but maintain physical fitness by the consistently moving around and or walking! Today everyone has the luxury of always sitting. Many things in our culture makes us prone to sit more!  And too many things in our culture makes us lazy we buy into living so comfortably until we have stop moving  around like we should. Which now days when it’s broke they go get surgery for this and that… When you can tap into meditation and prayer its one of the best surgeries in the world. You will be surprise when we learn to lean on God totally how our overall appearance changes for the better!

Sedentary lifestyles are why many are prone to certain diseases although many might believe it’s just hereditary.  Water aides in detoxifying the body….  and keeping bones, muscles, and cells lubricated.  I am a consistent water drinker, I don’t carry water because its fashionable. The best weight loss tip is to begin a water regimen. Take the time to make sure you indulge in water through out the day you will see the benefits quickly. Many people ask what do I do to keep youthful appearance…

First, I consume more veggies than meat, I am mindful of what I am putting in my mouth… If I want something off the menu… I don’ t lay on it long nor deny myself either. I will do food exchanges to modify what I have eaten. I don’t believe in dieting but simple lifestyle changes!

 Secondly, I do work out consistently from running to aerobics along with everyday weight lifting…  This will maintain… muscles, bones and youthful appearance… People hate the word exercise but you have to keep it moving… Walking is as simple as you can get!  

Third, I do oil pulling… Forth, I really try to de-stress… I find things that make me laugh, and relax… My music,  lots of reading and gardening…. I have many hobbies that I practice on a regular to keep my mind occupied… and to keep me together including prayer and meditation!

Lastly, I indulge in lots of water drinking! 

If you are getting out of bed a little achy… try drinking more water.

If you find yourself always fatigue, try drinking more water.

Water prolongs to  keep skin with its vitality and elasticity! You want more improvement, energy and  overall great  health!  DRINK UP!