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When I was first introduced to the Ministry of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn… SENIOR PASTOR, AND RABBI… AT (HOPE OF THE WORLD MINISTRIES…IN WAYNE, NEW JERSEY)…JERUSALEM CENTER/BETH ISRAEL.  A power house… Jewish Messenger of God! I was  more than impressed with his great intelligence and his knowledge of all kinds of history but simply “blown away” with how God uses him in the prophetic!

For my personal studies… I love history and doing research!  He has an “awesome” ministry to become a partner with and should a be definite part of anyone’s library, especially if you want to understand what’s to come in prophetic future events!

People have a hard time trying to understand how God can supernaturally connect all us to bring pieces of the puzzle together in the end times. I know that the church has done a disservice by limiting people to learning, educating and just knowing!  Many of our westernized customs has dumb the people down from the church understanding the supernatural.

There are books that are typical good reads… and there are those books that are mind-blowing…

Rabbi Cahn does that for  me… He  will make you think and put your mind to study. And he will definitely put you back into the bible and world history!

He isn’t ordinary… be EXTRA- ordinary Man of God. I know  that this man has a “deeper call “on his life… in this 11th hour.

I strongly “urge” people to purchase his books …Since 9/11 this book has taken the world by storm.  You be a little taken back how he can tie in history with current prophetic events!  His first books I presented awhile back but on another site called the HARBINGER….th (3)

Check him out and leave me some feedback… I guarantee he will stir something inside of you… Christian or not!

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And those who are familiar with his work… the new books is a must have and is flying off he shelves in bookstores! … THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH

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