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It’s that time again to vote… And with the conditions and in our fragile state  we need to do more than just do our community, city, state, and country work…We need to study people who are vying for political offices.

Don’t get “suckered ” into folks changing appearance and “appealing” humbleness to then have the people’s agenda at heart.  We need to get pass at correct wording and speeches, finger pointers unless they can back up what they are saying.

We have enough “cut throat politicians”! Be mindful that even if it bats their eyelashes… Watch! Women  can be  just as manipulative. Satan can sell you swamp land in a trailer park garden especially if the wrong ears are rendered!

People are fed a lot of junk and the only way to shut the nonsense  down… is to be armed with the truth and having facts straight!

Sadly,when you look at their real track records… most of them had some indications on how they would try to run their campaigns to win!  Distorting the truth,  and manipulation… are always foundational for someone who is definitely all about “self”…BE A SMART VOTER!

We need to “pitch” something that is going to have some solid stability and at least want to practice telling the TRUTH. When there is history of being questionable, messy, liar and a manipulator…Why vote for them?

It never starts with ignorant and what might appear to be  the right choice…it’s starts with our power to vote wisely! Although many have their spills …And they are spills !  No one  honestly have any idea what they can face or handle until they get their seat in office. When people make assessments without really having the knowledge and or the wisdom…

Your just junk talking!  

Unfortunately as usual… many get duped into voting for people who could really care less and its a about a power play, status and money move! Be careful of following or being influenced by individuals you have no idea what they are about, and make sure there has been a history of CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY.

Also remember, that a lot of them are good actors and actresses!  They are trying to sell you who they are NOT….It’s about getting this new job!integritya58

That is something  Illinois and Chicago is known for… CROOKS!  Simple as that!

Chicago isn’t  quite ready for  truth tellers, straightforward and people who do have some sense of morals and standards. How many times I have seen people finagle their way  into positions? Only to leave you hanging and reveal their true colors and agenda,. after getting “in” as they call it!

Don’t vote for people based on what others might try to get in your head with… I dare you check out every candidate.  You will be amazed at what  you might find under a rock. 

Some without question are not even qualified…or  even “smart” enough to hold down basic common sense! I am not really surprised especially what has stepped into Chicago’s arena… I called it day one “how the game” was going to be played. Some of you owe me “big time”… And it happened that way I publicly acknowledged it.  Maneuvering Schemes some readers may remember…Whether it slither or lie down on its back… Snakes are still snakes!

Too many choked down and dumb down on things they have to stand up for. I wish… many people  would take their  time… to see “exactly” what you might be getting if they were to get back in office or others who want  the new seat!  

I don’t co-sign, with more dirty folks to be in office, nor will I endorse them based on what I “think” they might be.  The truth has a way of showing up. You will know them by their fruit. More messy people in office opens the door for more “demonic” attacks” in our cities, communities and this nation…

You’d think by now some of us would wise up on what we put “our” name on! I will say this over and over again… I do not vote for people all because of someone else’s opinion. I do my HOMEWORK! The “winner:” should at least be someone who knows what they heck they are doing and take “real” interest whether someone is watching or not!

The majority might like someone’s appeal but can they really hold it down? 

And if you tell a lie long enough , people will go along with it… BUT REMEMBER… Someone else might have another perspective that you haven’t taken a look at  that might mean a world of difference.

I didn’t have to predict what moves many people who were trying to tell lies to get inside the heads of the people. I told it and I made it public about some of the manipulation to make others look bad so that they can get in office… 

Too many  people know their devils and keep them anyway!

Yet, it is time that we endorse more “responsible” voting… Aggressive and manipulating  tactics and lying on others wont ever prompt me to vote for you. If I find out on my watch … how dirty some of you are… I will makes sure that we are informed!  

We are in the state of emergency and no one wants to be bothered with anymore of Chicago, or Illinois POLITICAL IMPS!