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I pray that the American people don’t turn deaf ears  and blind eyes …to the threat against America.

In wake of 13th Anniversary of 9/11. I am a little bit leery about traveling to another country with all the unrest in the world!

Our lives won’t be the same after the dreadful day of 9/11 and unfortunately we can never forget that time  in history!

Too much has been “downplayed”…. about the real threats. No one has to tell me we are  still on “high alert”…

We live with threats more than ever…When beheading someone is a commercial break for the ISIS GROUP!

I have said this before 9/11 and I will repeat this again!  I have always believed that “terrorist” cells where right here in the United States… being trained,educated and living among us.  These cells I believe  will be activated during certain religious times of the month. I don’t think for one minute the “terrorists” groups wont use women and children to be weapons and funnel weapons! 

Preparation for our safety should remain under wise discretion. I think we will never be told just how bad it’s gotten and how bad it’s going to get.

We recently had this influx of stormy weather  this summer. We saw the slow responses being without power for almost 5 days… I saw the unpreparedness of people during what we call a “mild “situation.  

So, just imagine what it might be like if we were under another “terrorist”attack?  We had a difficult time finding “ice” and food  in the midst of summer… Gas stations were close and so on…

My point is…We better have our own personal plan in place and stop ignoring the threats!

Stop being so watered down without the truth and realities. We are hated… and it’s showing more than ever! Be mindful that the threats to us as Americans or to American hasn’t settle down since 9/11… And to be honest, who would really tell us the whole truth?

Americans haven’t  been told the whole truth! Continue to be aware and pray for this country and those who have authority over us!  MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!