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It almost never cease to amaze me when “America” has these light bulb moments. Domestic violence is nothing new “especially” in the professional sports arena…What is there to comment on? We have many teachable moments… But Mr. Rice…you have been selected!

..It is what it is…

I saw this video a long time ago… There was no outrage… But  I heard the same rebuttals… especially if they are famous… or someone who is America’s spot light. It was a family matter and no big deal.  What happened here? Someone was going to expose something.

I have heard the excuses people come away with especially if it someone they like or love that is doing all the violence.

Pray for them! Okay!  I am going to pray for Mr. Rice because he will be the poster child for being an abusers but when is he going to get help?

Yet, I know many “athletes” that had a history of being domesticated… It was “swept” under the rug…Unfortunately, Mr. Rice is going to pay the penalty for rest of the Pro Footballers!  

I don’t agree with his violent outburst but let’s do a clean sweep and get the rest of them!rice2

Do  you honest think he is the only one that has bounced his wife off a wall?

Let me share a personal experience regarding a family member who was in a domestic violent situation! …

I had a relative she died, not too long ago of breast cancer at a young age!  

She had a husband, that was pretty well-known for doing the Micheal Jackson impersonation right here in Chicago.

He traveled almost everywhere and then a little bit of fame hit and then it really fell apart.  My relative married her first love…LORD HAVE MERCY! Violent as he wanted to be. They had two children who are now adults.

He had women everywhere, children all over the place and there was no woman off-limits he was a philanderer…aka a whore!

Well, my relative was being left behind and had to deal with venereal diseases, big heads and black eyes to match… I mean the most craziest thing I had ever seen.  One day her parents saw him whipping her in public… He was actually beating  her head on the concrete right in front of God and everybody!

Her parents were floored. I was called and sure enough, he beat her, she left so that I wouldn’t see how bad it really…

Guess what? She left with him and was  pregnant with the first child when he decided she will be his Everlast Punching Bag!

I get emotional just thinking about her… Because she and I were very close at one time and let me share what happened next! 

I came over to pick her up to take her do some of her errands because she didn’t have a vehicle then. When I brought her back of course he wanted a reason to beat her… I was going to be the excuse. I kept her out too long and it wasn’t even night fall. She had to do everything in so many hours.

He started to trip…

Let me express this… I had already told him  he better not hit me! She put up with  his foolishness but I didn’t want his monsters rising up!

As we went in the house. I heard a scream he has taken his fist and socked her right in the face. His monsters came out… My relative’s brother kicked the door in and  threaten to kill him for beating up his sister… and you want to hear something even crazier… He too had issue and had beaten his wife until she had multiple strokes… and she wasn’t over 25 years old…which left her partially disabled…She left him!

So, two hot tempers going at it…I couldn’t believe he got that bold to hit her when we were around…that let me know that he was aiming higher and get bold enough to hit me…

But I warned him to not listen to those set of monsters because I was going for that abuse!  Her brother ran into her parents room… He by then was really trying to kill her!   Her brother pulled a gun on her husband… and guess what happened folks? She took her toddler son, and put him in front of the gun, so her brother wouldn’t kill him… but allow her toddler to stop the bullet…

Do I have to tell you what I did? I honestly tried not hit her myself…She told us… TO LEAVE HER HUSBAND ALONE! 

After that… I was done with getting in family business… Unless they are going to leave there is nothing you are going to do… some stay until they die. I have some serious stories to share about dealing with domestic violence!

What I think about the Rice family situation?power-control_wheel-lg-450x439

I think about  absolutely nothing!

People can comment all day long and they can add their twelve dollars and two cents… She will stay and sometimes DEATH is the only option many victims will take!

Many victims of domestic violence stay for the oddest reasons to us… but sane to them. Domestic violence is something I share  in ministry because these are realities. People have a tendency to stay away from addressing this epidemic…

There are many situations I experienced with and with family members!  Find me a woman who has never been man handled? Domestic violence has been serious… and personally, it is silently addressed!

Mrs. Rice,it’s serious when someone knocks you out and you then marry them… So, I say this pray for her… because I know there will be another time… and it might not be on camera… You got to know when stay out of the family business because when it’s all said and done…Only the victim can become victorious if he or she decides enough is enough!