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Mark 6:4 … And Jesus said unto them… A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, and among his own kin,  and in his “own” house.  

My Aunt, who is a Pastor told me this bible verse, many moons ago. So, that when I am rejected by people, it’s not a shocker… but a reality about church folks and religion.

I also learned from a well known man of God who prepared me for the onslaught of spiritual warfare. That if you want to see some hard core demons… “TRY FOLKS RELIGIONS”

BOTH…were  letting me know… There will be difficult days dealing with religious demons, prejudices, discrimination,… being a mixed woman, who has the gift of foresight, and in a pulpit…  THEY NEVER LIED! 

When I first started out in ministry. I would continue to ask God this question. What in the world can I tell these “stiff neck” people? (rebellious)  I was already looking at them waddle in ignorance when the truth was right in their faces. What did I have to offer… may patience is long but when I am dealing with these “super deep” nut jobs… I had none!

Some people love to control and manipulate people in  the church to be puppets. Where have you read,.. that God hates for you to think? Unfortunately, many “occultism behaviors” stems in the church!  The church police are always lead with negative intentions with the intent of manipulating the way “they see God” but unfortunately many of them don’t even know him!

Why does God need cruel people to guard his temple?..God is love and never religion! 

Even I had to be “delivered”, consecrated and deprogram from traditions and generations ignorance that had no connections with God.  When foolishness is embedded within us.

Its hard for these kind of people to receive from God because they love trying to bully you into serving their powerless gods by appearing so deep… they come off nuts!

My God isn’t nervous, schizophrenic, and he doesn’t reside in a cemetery either! Religious people are always in a blue funk… and misery loves company.   But I warn don’t let them rob you of your peace and your joy!

What angers me the most, is when the very people that say they know God are bound up with religious order and no conscious of the HOLY SPIRIT! They are afraid of a real move of God because all they have experienced is “their” religion.

Sadly, many believe is attending church is all that God wants. WRONG… you coming to church means nothing to God if you are wasting his time and yours! God does have workshops on character developing… but churches today make many people uncomfortable because of what many might see is a breakdown in Godly order!

Many generational  religious hang ups… are from these religious lunatics. Some today are killing in the name of God. And don’t think we don’t have  terrorist in the pews. We should be Oh, so careful… about how we like to say God said and he didn’t!

People always want you to believe that they have this”MONOPOLY” on GOD…Watch out! It’s nothing but a RED FLAG… 

Nothing is truly worse … than a person who is so “deeply” religious that comes off like a lunatic who has totally missed  God…They can count everyones sin except their own. Where is your love? Oops… you have none!  

PHARISEES and the Sadducees… were religious lunatics if you asked me… they stayed in conflict with Jesus.  Ask yourself this question… I

Yes, the Pharisees are in the house. Don’t you just “loathe” that super deep whatever it is … And you see no love of God in them whatsoever!

 I can recall some of the Mothers who raised us to be ladies coming up in the church and then there was always that one that was the only  one who talked to God  and her heart was  full of cruelty.

Do I have to reiterate this lesson?…

This is my mantra….Satan loves church and has perfect attendance! Hatred is definitely among religious folks… I don’t advocate any religion but I do advocate a relationship with God.

Too  many people are right in church  who will read a bible… and kill a person’s spirit with beating them up with a bible… never demonstrating love because they are too RIGID AND RELIGIOUS… TO SEE GOD!

People,  you better ask God to show  you the “ugly” sides of who you are… so you can build in those areas. Don’t deceived yourselves that God is pleased with ugliness even among “so called Christian”…

 I have never seen so many “hate filled” people who occupy the pews and the pulpits. Who wants that kind of  Juan DeJesus?… Because it’s definitely not  JESUS! And if anyone else tell me they love me with the “love of Jesus”… What the heck is that?

Agape love is unconditional!  People are a little taken back when I get them together on trying to control how I serve God… People try to govern the way I I pray, they way I worship, where  I worship… and “suppose” act.

Okay… and let get this nonsense out of the way…

cropped-cropped-th-16.jpgMy Pastor is Reverend(Good Dr.) Michael Pfleger…  What’s the problem?  I am not Catholic enough, I am not Charismatic enough,  I dress different,  I don’t look like a preacher,  I look to Spanish to be in Black America,I am not black enough, I have too much joy,… I pray different, I got too much peace, too much love and too much laughter… Get a job already!

Yep, I agree  we are both  in a foreign land…  especially going to church on the South Side of Chicago… And I would also agree… last time I checked the St. Peter… said we were all aliens…Hmmm! 

And it reads…

I Peter 2:11( New American Standard) DEAR FRIENDS, I urge you as  aliens and strangers to abstain from all fleshly lusts, which war against your soul.

When you don’t understand who God really is and possess a form of godliness it doesn’t mean you know God! I don’t care who your Pastor is or what denomination you are. I am more concerned is that there is a true relationship with Christ… and where is your love?

Church doctrines makes me want to just vomit! If your doctrine is out of sync with the word of God.. You got a list of religious rules… and we know how that works! IT DOESN’T!

We have too many lunatics in the pulpit worse than snakes on a plane. Everyone “claims” to know God but … full of prejudices and hatred!  I have been told too many times.. I need to go where I belong?

And I would like to know… who made you ” MY LORD” AND SAVIOR”… Do you have to wonder why people hate coming to church? To be honest who authority are you really walking under when you are not obedient yourselves? You want to know why many people can’t handle too much success or power! They never are prepared for it! Simple as that!  I read the bible… there were no super ministries… but God talked about those “super high exaggerated opinion ” of one self!

Sadly, many people who are in ministry “sincerely” understand the purpose of staying humble… SATAN CAN’T KNOCK YOU DOWN IN YOU PROSTRATE BEFORE GOD AND OR ON YOUR KNEES. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL… 


Look around your religious clubs or your church gangs… are always circling around like busybodies and buzzard! I have no problem getting the religious cliques together. The SPIRITUAL ASSASSINS want you to feel that you never arrive with Godly success unless you tag along with their madness. According to them… they are the “only” ones that know what God wants!


I know what God has to say about the busybody.. and church witches!  I know who died and paid it all.. and wasn’t your religion.

 These people “always”  know more than the Pastor, they are experts on relationships until you see their own personal dynamics.  Can we call Dr. Phil.  

I don’t soft soap the truth to be popular! It is  what it is!  Religious lunatics are dangerous and don’t understand … THAT where the SPIRIT OF GOD… there is LIBERTY NOT MORE RULES AND RIGIDNESS!