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MENTORING…Is when someone with more experience,that  is training or teaching the inexperienced. The sole purpose of mentor-ship is to be that  hands on life coach along life paths… It is supposed to teach a child character development, better social skills and demonstrate alternative in conflicts.

Maximizing the moments! So, that he or she can reach their full potentials in their arenas!

 Here are some disturbing accounts of children being mentored, so let me set up each scenario…

First, I went to an event, I saw some young girls”flocking” to someone I that has questionable behavior herself known to be a little tricky… and quite the manipulator! Belligerent is an understatement.  Split tongue, and two faced! One way in church another way outdoors… Get the picture!

As I begin to see all that were acquainted to be around her…  I saw young girls who already had issues with sexuality… and this was a mentor? I prayed quietly!

What I witnessed…was that the “lewd” behavior  that became more  hyped up and not turned down. 

RED FLAG….This was not a situation about respect it was about how to rope an-tie a man, and teach pole dancing as an extracurricular activity on the side. Just keep it on the down low…No  one will  ever take them seriously applying for jobs or seeking a better education or a better  way of life being lead with this kind of leadership! 

 I saw power being placed in the wrong hands, I saw perverted use of authority,  defeat and not a challenge to show the young ladies, that life consisted more than what apparently had been offered!  

Second situation, … Men standing around girl calling. Young boys, watching adult men being totally disrespectful towards women. Sizing the female up and trying to gain sexual conquests. The young boys are confused… in church they are told one thing … and outside they see another!  Showing our young men, how to abuse early in relationship dynamics… How yucky is this?

Final situation… Two women  BOTH in Education… With a child in the middle…  while the deviant was gossiping and   spewed hate and lies toward others.. While the other woman  just listened, and entertained by listening to her hate and jealous raging… Nonetheless her child heard every word. More confusion!

What am I conveying?

We lend our children anywhere   and around anyone, and do  you have to wonder where some of the madness stems from?

Character development… starts in the home, and extend elsewhere. Skip a church or school lending a hand in his. Parents are learning the hard way. You don’t need self made babysitters. Sometimes just your time and  time at the dinner table you can get more information about what is going on in your child’s life. Our children today are being taken advantage of … because of the lack of or poor parenting thereof.

You should be more consistent in who you are and not what you want others to think who you are.  The church isn’t the perfect place to teach your children today. Too many things you must assess before even believing they are in capable hands.  Often times people let their guards down because they are in church.  Crime happens in church like anyplace else. Proper covering and responsible leaders are not always amongst us! Be careful when you drop your child off here and there thinking they are in the best of care!

Children lose a lot of respect for their parents who are messy adults. I shouldn’t have to say watch your witness… How about you should be true to who you really are!

Stop teaching our children how to be bona-fide phonies and liars!  I think children can handle if you are the same  all the time …a little bit better…

Instead of putting on fronts for others. You want our young men to have self-respect and respect for others… Stop being anything but a man in front of them.

If  you purchased a brand new car would you give your keys to a stranger…Yet, children are distributed among strangers and those who don’t alway have their best interest. at heart. Seeds are sown….whether they be good or bad. Don’t get duped in believing “any”church is a safe haven…

Many children are molested in places where you think is safe… the church is no exception. Many kinds of people come through the church. Often times people let their guards down because they are in church… Wrong… In fact keep them up that much higher! 

THINK ABOUT THIS… The best role models are a child’s parent. Lead by example. All parents are not good parents,  so we must be community surrogates…

And if you “claim” that you are a Christian… please get your act together someone is always watching… It’s not about being perfect but be accountable and bit more transparent. Messy grown folks have no value to anyone including children.  Grow up! Spiritual maturity isn’t this “acting” class but a true lifestyle behavior!

Be that guide to show a child something better and remember something that is a power point in his or her life! The next time your child is in someone else’s company that you don’t know!