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th (2)CANING…Is a form of judicial punishment, and official school discipline in parts of the world during the 19th and 20th Century… which might 

Rattan_caneincludes…a skilled whipper… REALLY?

Some countries still believe in giving it to you. Will it and has it curved the violence in other countries? What’s happening in our country especially about the violent nature of others?  Who are not getting whippings at home but on the streets!  

These are things we should take a minute to think about… Many are quick to speak and slow to listen…  Society understands on one hand,… it’s okay for violence but don’t spank your children. Sounds a little bit hypocritical don’t you think? 

Is it me or just the nightmare we are living in?

On the other hand…People are in denial just how monstrous other human beings can be! 

Either face it or confronted it.  I have learned in his life… People will justify their own dysfunctions  and will  just about do anything and will use personal opinions to RIDE OR DIE…

It’s so much easier TO BLAME social environment , lack of education, OR lack of economics …on violence… and other things… JUST BECAUSE… People can be  somewhat be the major part of the problem…But not entirely!

Slavery was man’s personal opinion and it was about dehumanizing and greed.  Slavery was “used” by so-called Christians as well. Watching people hang was a dinner event.  

But no one wants to talk about all the personal whippings that Afro American’s face on a daily. It’s okay to whip them by cutting them off financial or educational opportunities. Hatred along with bigotry still exist!

Yet,  I want people to be very much aware that some husbands give their wives spankings…or is it domestic violence? Hmmm?

Do you get the feeling that America is more jacked  up than  you think with rules and laws that seem to be dormant when it comes to certain, religions, race, or gender?

It’s okay for some to be bullied and hammered by people of authority, or because they ride certain circles of profession or social status? 

I find all of this quite remarkably disturbing, considering everyone has an opinion about this that or the other! Yet, many play with the knowing of the truth… by blinding it with “so-called” personal knowledge.

Right is right and wrong is wrong…

And sadly, even that’s coming under fire.  I don’t need any religion to tell me what’s right or generational foolishness and ignorance to feed the weaknesses inside of me!

Which does nothing but keep the “cycle of dysfunction” going. There is a reasoning to slap or be slapped ! It’s all going to come under some category… Even if the truth “might” be present. People do whatever they want that they “think” is right in”their” eyes and NEVER THE EYES OF GOD!

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All of us have moral compasses…Some compasses seem to  work when it’s convenient to prove their point .  But what about injustices done right in our faces and people can come up with some of the most asinine excuses. Whether your parents beat you or not.

I know  that the real challenge is…Will  you change the course of history byt just by  being the agent of change? 

Some people shouldn’t even attempt to be parents…especially when strong foundational truths are missing from their lives. Whether you “think” you are Christians or not have you seen the ill behaviors among the adults that attend church? 

Don’t you dare lie and say your church is the exception… Continue to feed yourselves the nonsense … I can guarantee the truth will be coming to give you that “extra” dose of reality.

Ask yourselves what are you raising and what in the world are you nurturing? If I see one more parent on television or in a court room spilling the lies about how great their child is… I am going to just vomit! 

How many times have I seen the city-wide terrorists… get a pat on the back for holding it down!

The responses we heard from others who has been in urban life… “let them kill off each other”. 

 How hateful is that?

My question is what has happened to being on our “A” game in parenting. community policing and our rights and civilized citizens of this country?…

Helicopter parenting one might like to say it… Or simple back to basic… It’s okay to be in a child business whatever that is.  The mental illness of “reasoning” with children!

Are you serious?

What does  a child know about experience and just plain old staying in a place of child. That’s the problem… children are telling parents what to do.

Regardless of what, where or why we have personal dysfunctions …It doesn’t give us an excuse to continue the dysfunction.

Many  parents want to be cherished by their children…by not being the “bad guy” by laying down the law… Not being in front of it!

The questions of what to do with children when it comes to disciple many are torn between “two” opinion. To whip or spank that is the question? What is too far parenting? Yet, let’s go here for a second. Check out other countries who believe in the almighty caning.

On today I reading an article about how murderers are getting younger and younger! Unfortunately, you see how many “adults” are in denial about how bad their children might be. In my heart I am ready to just “smack” someone clean upside their heads… when someone lies about the behavior of another! It frustrates me as a minister to see how many “cover up” for bad behavior… Hey… thugs go to college… so get off your soap boxes when you “feel” this only happens among certain group.  Yes, I am getting there where should be a law passed when parents lack parenting.

Where are the spines of these children now days? Don’t give me that crap when you say it takes a village to raise a child! Have you looked around the “village” has gotten confused! Bad behavior in adults breed more bad behavior in children!

The apple isn’t fallen that far away from the tree.  I am not the one the “ignore” a child’s demonic behavior. Some of  you get offended when you hear that a child is called … bad, demonic, barbaric…Get over it…

Prison is getting full of child murderers. People are  deep n denial about bad seeds… In every area of our lives… there are no exception.

So stop casting personal aspersions on others with your labels and categories! 

Simple as that!

Ask anyone ANY in law enforcement how many parents know that their child is evil?…”My child is a good person… he or she wouldn’t do anything like that”…

I am always there to see the craziness and the denial of having bad seeds!  Who is really the expert on what is going to be punishable enough? The Law is there to take up where many left off and today we are face with police brutality. 

 Many times the parents see the “ruthless” behavior in wayward children  and they reward the behavior by NOT  acknowledging that the behavior needs to be cleansed and or corrected.  The lack of  self control  is first seen in as child  but it goes into warp speed as an adults. There is always someone who has to pay for the  dysfunction in others.  There is something terribly wrong with our society … Children are now the new criminals.  And many of them are not always absent of love but discipline.

Whipping has always been the same it depends on  your perception.  The whack on the knuckles with the rulers or tap on your posterior. Who is the expert on whipping people whether it’s mental or physical. Abuse is still abuse… it all leaves scars…visible or invisible.  

Listen to folks reaction on how they grew up …when boundaries are set!

Unfortunately it might be one of our own that had got it wrong, but does it make it right when we ride out on excuses! It pangs so many people to even think that someone they  loved missed it or got it wrong. We have to stop babysitting dysfunction, by making it better with the little bit of doing better that we do know.

Our spiritual equilibriuim has been off for a long time… this only the harvest of ignorance and the excuse of not knowing and you don’t want to know!

It’s  called creating GODLY  BALANCE!