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I have been approached and asked just about any subject… I don’t make people feel uncomfortable about things I know the church needs to address.  To be harassed covers a variety of areas of offensive behaviors, but more importantly it disturbs or upsets!

I don’t duck and dodge when I am asked about certain situations because all I have to do is speak the truth on any matter. I don’t have to  respond like people want me to respond but I will whirl the truth straight up with no chaser!

Often times I have to use myself as the examples to protect the privacy of others and to be transparent about reality.   Things will occur in life and people need to share or talk about where it went wrong and how to make right!  

Many times than most the “church” shields the truth from coming out when there is a matter sensitive in nature.  There is no one off limits when someone is sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.  

A more dangerous note when someone”claims” to have been sexually assaulted by another church member.   What angered me as child catapults me today…

To Speak up and Speak out! No one should ever be violated, or abused in any manner!

 Let me share one of my experiences.

It’s not so uncommon to run into a male or female who makes you uncomfortable or they decide you are “the object of their affections”. They make inappropriate comments, or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.fig2_1

There are some “people” who give  you the creeps and you shouldn’t ignore that even in church. Yes, there are some that get too “touchy feely” and makes your skin crawl!

“You have a right to say get your hands off of me”  

Life happens and we are not exempt from going through test and trials. A lot of  us are  put in so many situations when comes to having  your own business or running you own church… and dealing  with creeps!  There are some individuals who have the nerve to do just about anything and lie about it!

A brother friend and I were talking when another male came up to greet me… Oddly, I have been seeing the man for sometime but I guess his “perverted” side must have arisen.  Out of nowhere as if he finally got the courage to get his face slapped…

He greeted me by rubbing my  lower back and going down just a little bit further than he should have… In all honesty I wanted to punch right in the face. I was “absolutely livid and couldn’t seem to get myself adjusted. This isn’t the first time someone has done this …

I didn’t want to make a scene… but believe it or not… He tried to do it again!

 Sadly   his wife and family wasn’t that far off in the distance….

I knew my brother friend caught what happened and we were both taken back  and at it disturbed him!  We both sat quietly.  He knew I didn’t want to make a scene but I thought about it!

I said to myself…I thought that this man who is “ordinarily a bit” soft spoken…had given me a new vibe that I “know” can go undetected?

I saw his “creepiness” and this made me more than uncomfortable, I saw him differently… How can you tell who is a perverted or a pedophile? … The answer is you can’t give a description… only in the moment that it happens you know who the person really is.  

Have you ever ridden publicly transportation and there is that someone who “tries” to brush up against you sexually?

For those of us who have any experiences it leaves you … ANGRY! What can be even more difficult is when you might have to share your humiliations. 

Women are sexually assaulted and harassed  on a regular. And now days colleges and universities are speaking out about the  “RED ZONES”….and what to be aware of  and how to get help. 

Lately so much is being exposed about domestic violence, rape and lets not forget sexual harassment.  Many brothers know when they have over step their boundary… and the ones you have to watch the most is the one that continues to come back because they feel you wont say a word!

Whether it’s on a train or it happens in your place of worship…

Don’t allow the harassment to go any further. Tell your boss, your Pastor, your parents, or tell someone that you can trust. If you are not in a safe environment,contact your local Rape Crisis Hot line for what you can do next if you want to pursue matters legally…