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How much is too much is too much even in social “media”?

Yes, I believe America needs to be aware but what’s happening in our society that … so many are doing “copycat” foolishness?  What’s going on in the world today that people have to mimic cheap carbon copies?… 

People just don’t wake up mentally ill or evil? There are always “red flags” that apparently others simple ignore. Everything isn’t a bad day!  

Do we have to wonder what’s going on in this particular hour?  I have never seen so many our youths who look up to the so-called “American Idols”… I am not quite taken back is what is esteem quietly as a role model.

What is so frightening to me…Is what is made to be  an “idol”. From digesting lies to gyrating women. Role models for some are “criminals”… The more  twisted and demonic the better!cdea33fcb20d7079f454368091d2b0b2

What moral compass when the next generation is led by flesh?

Exhibitionism has taken on a whole new meaning. What happened to moral values of the “Generals” of yesteryear?  Skimpy clothes and skip owning a library card?

Children today are exposed to many “twisted” values… Today this requires “strong parenting” with morals and standards. The monsters we see today is the harvest from slacking.  It’s okay to say “no”… but how many have given into everybody else is doing it?    

The lack of respect in the country is what is gone “viral” today’s society.  Yep, It’s okay show beheading…. It’s okay to abuse others … we will give you a salary for it!  It’s okay… go to work and hold everyone hostage! It’s okay…for someone to show signs that he or she is mentally imbalanced… they wont hurt you… It’s okay get fired… and disrupt every flight plan in America!

My point… too much foolishness has been over compensated by not nipping some of the  nonsense in the bud!   The world is teaching how to be more warped in our moral codes. In case people wonder who can say what is right. To some racism is okay…  If no one claims to be a Christian… People know when they are doing wrong things. Free passes have been given too much if you ask me!  

So many things are so out of whack in this country and it was founded on God… Who cares kick Mr. Jesus to the curb…  Don’t spank your children… but allow the police to abuse their authority  to shoot them down! Render wars for personal greed!62a2dbcc5e99b08ba8675ddc26e97503

Some thing is going awry but I wonder. When will America get enough of talking out of both sides of her mouth?  

Truth is truth… I am not speaking ones  perception. It’s never okay to hurt, maim or abuse . But something doesn’t sound right…It’s okay to watch our young deteriorate in materialism and moral decay!

Where are the standards and where are boundaries? If old school is laying  a greater foundation then we better get back to basics.  If we keep up this pace… America will be more than  mental wasted land, but it render up more violence and homegrown terrorism of another kind! So, in turn this will  affect  every area of our lives.  We have powdered, too many back sides with lies and  bought into the deception of the masses!