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 Born  in the mountains of  Bulgaria…Vangelina Pandeva Dimnitrova ,  January 31,1911  Died August 11, 1996. She  had been born with some health complications and wasn’t named at first because they didn’t believe  she would live.  

(Baba means “grandmother”or elderly woman in Bulgaria) Baba showed many signs of the supernatural but people who were afraid of that kind of power had a tendency to be negative about her gifts and counted  it all up  to be strange.  

She loved to play games of healing and would use herbs. An odd child or labeled a strange bird one might add… Many said they didn’t believe …But did they?

The story as follows…

As a young girl tragedy hit her home when a tornado hit and threw her in a field. She was found with sand in her eyes  and couldn’t open her eyes because of the pain.  Her family had been severely poor and couldn’t afford the proper medical attention to correct her vision which  grew into terminal blindness. 

Millions believed she possess the gift of foresight and the gift of healing. Although many skeptics.. would say  She had allegedly foretold of the break-up of the Soviet Union and the disaster of Chernobyl Disaster. 200px-Vanga

During World War ll,  she had attracted more believers ,  prophesying and some believe her to  heal many of the sick were with herbs from the earth. It  was also rumored that many “government officials” visited her but kept it a secret and she    “allegedly” been under observation by United States Intelligence because of her ability of foresight to what’s to come.  

She predicted that the United States will have an Afro American President that will have great opposition. After dodging so many health ailments. Baba… what  had been also noted that she predicted her own day with death!

Many predictions as one might one to label her from a mystic to a psychic…Whether anyone believe in her abilities or not. I found myself interested in such a turbulent history of surviving being poor… but yet she was popular  not based on her skeptics but she operated in a level of the supernatural. Which I find so mind blowing…considering people believe in the miracles of Jesus… and he said “greater works will we do”… Yet, the church today is terrified in anyone operating in a power that they can’t control or explain!

I had asked many questions about Baba’s threat to the United States. Not too much its  been said unless you dig a little bit deeper outside of the Internet. She has been faintly mentioned in books that had been written years ago. Whatever Baba said has been somewhat distorted by certain medias to discredit exactly who she really was! No one ever express her love for God and believing in the power of  God. I am not an unbeliever of the supernatural but I seek answer outside the limitations of boxed up religion.   I learn easily as a child and in ministry today. The greatest challenge is UNBELIEF…   Many people believe in organized religion but can’t grasp the things of the Spirit World. When speak in these terms… we are often labeled  “spooky”… What I really come to understand  as much as people claim to know God and love him fail to understand the power that comes with HIM! The human flesh loves formulas and things they can explain. Skeptics might say… that’s what you believe!

All I have do is ask simple questions… What keeps the Universe together? How does a brown cow eat green grass and gives white milk? Who planted creation?

Although, I understand the dynamics of my love for God is misunderstood because of the rules that man has placed on other human beings.  Baba,  isn’t my opinion of possessing the powers of God. God’s is real!  Her power wasn’t coincidental…

I ask this last question… If she wasn’t as powerful as they said she was…  Why then were they so afraid of her?

Baba story is bigger than this short version of  what I want others to come away with it.  I wanted  others who never heard of her to know her and get an idea of just a glimpse of God’s power…There is so much more to her history!