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Growing up, I wasn’t the tallest little girl and because of how short I was… I was always mistaken for being  a lot  younger. As you know children can be the cruelest.

I have two brothers, and the youngest there is  a significant age difference between he and my older brother. My mother had short babies. I just happen to be the only one who never grew that tall.  

In turn my brother  and I were very  popular children, so every now and then…we were picked on ! My mother told me she can’t be around in every aspect of our lives and that wee had to learn to stand our ground. What we couldn’t handle she can handle the rest!

 She warned very sternly. We better  learn to win every fight…and  “never let anyone bully you and send you running home” because once  you are  in the devil’s clenches he will keep you running.  

I had to learn how to defend myself quickly!  I was already a  war horse for sure because I so little! 

There was this  neighborhood girl name Christina… She was tall and thin  always  talked a lot of smack and intimidating. Just like the average “Jaw Jacker”… ALL BARK AND NO BITE!

She had twin older sisters who were messy at best. They were always bragging about what they were capable of doing in a fight! Although I wasn’t afraid of the older sisters …Christina frightened me because she was taller than even her older sisters! A tree at best. I knew I had better find how weaken that particular giant! I live by these words… Size is never an intimidating factor… A giant might be big but is capable of falling… King David did make this solution possible! 

A situation came about, and the girls had been picking on me. I got so furious… I fought those twin sister and let’s just say after that Christina stayed away after that.

As we got older she  still wanted to act tough but something in her never came whirling my way! She knew If I handled her older twin sisters she hand nothing coming. …

It was at this point my reputation  and still is… I will go for what I know no matter what size you are and how intimidating you think you.  

And this isn’t about advocating violence or fighting… But we have to teach our children how to have a warrior spirit without being a bully!a041d6aa27216e3d45366cdeac32d9fa

I am very unapologetic that I might have a slight spirit of  Dr. King…but I possess a whole lot of Malcolm X.  I  hear what you are saying but let me be wise about how to handle a giant in my life.

I am to understand that both men were needed in the time of civil unrest in this nation. To set the pattern and the pace for being peaceful without coming off passive.  

I understood what my mother meant today because when you are considered the most likely… you will encounter jealousy and hatred like nobody’s business.  

I told God in this area… I had to learn when to hold them, fold them and or walk away!  Walking away doesn’t mean I am weak but stronger with how I handle heated situations. I am not advocating perfection and foolishness … 

But don’t think for one second that all my prettiness stay pretty if you attack me.   I am telling the God’s honest truth. I pray that God keeps me with self control and love for unlovely. I don’t always feel that but I respect the God inside of me!

I understand the strength in the one who are called to fight… and I am one of them. Yes, I concur that there must be some Martin’s in our midst.   But lets not make Malcolm X… the bad guy.  As Malcolm X matured… so did his personal perception of what evil was and capable of doing!

My perspective is this… Why would  God need  me to prepare for battle if weren’t meant to fight? There will be a season to fight back!

Abuse  of  any kind including  power and tongue lashing isn’t my style. No matter what title, or position you possess . Even the”Police” there is a level of dignity that every human being should have and not have to beg for respect and value of human life!

I was  told immediately not to  be a punk and let everyone push me around based on just because I was petite in stature.  I was a giant in the sight of God despite my physical height.

Mother knew I was quite small and  if I didn’t learn anything  and that was not to allow ugly human beings to pounce all over me.  I will teach my children the same!  

My strength never came in my hands in came in  my head and my heart. To respect people but make it quite clear you got to earn respect by acting in character and not just merely walking the lines!

I have come in the presence of some pretty tough individuals… large in power, money and education…

And still say … SO WHAT? They still function as human beings by putting their pants on… one leg at a time!

I understand some of the dynamics of  not being  just smart but loving!  I use my head for more than a hat rack. Being rude and a bully is something I wont tolerate and its not a sign that you are tough but WEAK!  

My childhood taught me to stand up to the giants and the bullies in my life. If I have never been bullied before you should she some of these people in church… especially those who envy me for my strength to stand up to them.  

I am a little taken back with the lack of maturity especially among so-called “Christians” and women…. I am simply appalled at the flow of ignorance among the people to say and do with whatever without the slightest attempt to be kind and or loving… My word is today please send the memo out…  YOU CAN BE FIRM AND FAIR… YOU CAN BE TOUGH WITHOUT BEING RUDE.  

In the bible that I read… Christ, said…love and kindness has he drawn us… Also be wise as serpents but gentle as doves…

What is so hypocritical in this nation that seasonal bullying  or I call subtle crudeness even in the name of God has become mainstream …

Meaning we look the other way when we should turn around to address it.  I am disgusted to see that the craftiness of  the church hasn’t changed my point of view about just how low the church can get as well. Bullying isn’t off-limits even in church.  Harassment,maimed or abuse in any area is unacceptable.

Police brutality it’s somewhat dismissed  still today.  Some Police Officers today just like yesteryear, lack strong interpersonal skills and value human life. Police that abuse authority are no more than bullies with badges.  How can anyone respect the police when some of them has the worst attitudes in America? Try a little tenderness!

Why are there so many angry police officers? Regardless of your career does it warrant being cruel. What perception is one to be left with if you are always anger.  How -be- ever long you have had your career.  No  one thought to seek better counsel for anger issues or a psychological evaluations if you can handle people in the manner that you should without prejudice? Say what you want everyone isn’t cut out to have power!

Many don’t need just anger management they need a jail cell. What give them the right to be just as nasty with “certain” groups of people. As if we can’t see the tainted method of Jim Crow working it’s root right in our faces.  

The bottom line is that…

A WARRIOR… or is trained to know opposition, what posture and or stance to take during time of battle…

A BULLY… is someone who has no training about people, life or conflict resolution,… He or she hasn’t learned the value of  who they are! And since they can’t be tough in the mind and actions…  They have  to knock the “air” out of people so that no one can detected just how insecure and jacked up they  really are! Misery adores company!  

A BULLY.. operates in a fake authority. Although , a bully might have gain access of power through a job, title, or powerful position. He or she cannot maintain the authority because they don’t own it. In others they are no respected of who they are but are feared based on the lies that they do.  

A WARRIOR, is one who can submit to authority and not afraid of the power of his superiors or others around them !  They are not intimidated by anyones education, status or power but is confident by the Lord in their lives… in which they respect first and foremost. Which in turns breeds humbleness!

A BULLY,will see the strength in a WARRIOR and will set themselves to find weaker preys or a pack for that matter to seize  a moment!  

A BULLY, can’t survive without the breath of a crowd. A WARRIOR will survive in the scorching heat of a summer battles or the coldest winter ever!

A BULLY ,might be talented but forgets that  A WARRIOR might have many talents but posses THE GIFT of maintain the heart of following protocol even as a soldier!