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I God created man in his own likeness… Genesis 1:27 Yet we have so many distorted variation of what we might think is what makes a real man. There is no female in this earth that can “actually” tell a male how to be a male.  Often times what has been carried from one generation to another will continue even if it is ignorance. Let me get something straight with this old school and new school thing.  Honestly, I believe that we get this confused with just sheer wisdom at best.  

Right or wrong or whatever you might “think” lies in between.  Common Sense is a heavy weight in some of this but the heart of God is what matters the most.

Organized religions have tainted the value system of what they think is a “Father” and our westernized customs try to give us what the ideal man or father should be. And that is hilarious  and it is sometimes frightening in itself.

Nothing can be more precious than  anyone with some kind  moral values.. and respect of strong  family values… Starting with allowing the man to be a man.  

Red Flag.. I like a man who is well groom and keep himself together inside and out. I said.. inside first…  I speaking to some real women … When you have to make your husband your girlfriend… and dress him up like you all the time… FIRST SIGN… SHE IS INSECURE.  Your husband is not your twin!   Every now and then I find it a little appealing when you come with matching colors. But a sign of  being controlling!  Don’t believe me… Ask the husband that is if she will let him talk!  

This comes with  very little  physical instructions only one is to copy cat what they see. If your family  dynamics are centered around any kind of abuse this tend to be the worst.

The ideal man for some is the slapping and using human beings as  a punching bag or the quiet incestuous relationship what one might consider to be alright. If you hair is standing on your heads…

Let’s go hard in the paint and grab at least one more example. When the Father, has more women and children on the side…As if smörgåsbord whoredom is ideal. Listen at this… the excuse is this is what men do?

Say what?

… On the average medications or  pills that an HIV or AIDS patient you’d think detour some of the instability of procreation outside the confines of a marriage but now days this goes on inside  many marriages today!

Oops !!! I made a mistake that’s all! Clothes don’t accidentally fall off .. they are removed. If you concentrate on something long enough it will rule you… from sex addiction to food addiction. It’s a mindset!  Some of my clarification of what real mean are…

Are very simple…  

1)They take responsibility for the choices that they make and not make excuses why they can’t be responsible. Having children all over American doesn’t make you a man but a whore! 

2) You are not re-raising him as a male. That’ s  been already established… It’s a character make up not the physical…Anatomically he is proven a male( I guess)…

He has one mother and if you are the second… You’re in trouble. Whether he needs one or  you think you need to be his mother.Some women will beat you in the head with a bat over their married trash… If he is immature… the guarantee is they are both unhappy children!

 3)He has respect for himself and the women in his life starting with his mother. Being a man of consideration isn’t that difficult for him. He thinks ahead of time how this will affect the other… If he disrespect his mother… He already has a warp sense of respecting women!  You wont mean a darn thing to him.. th is what he saw his father do! Run!

4) Crying doesn’t make a man weak but in touch! If he cries in front of  you he is considered be “punk”… Really? Jesus wept…I have yet to read he suffered from being  called either a sissies or a punk!

I am afraid of any man who “skips” his human emotions! God made them to function! Anyone that cries too much I am disturbed by it! But a lot of angry men  and women has now created the atmosphere  of provoking violence   whether  it is physical or mental! Ingesting ignorance is what is blowing my mind! Tough isn’t cruelty!  

I am always told I love too much, help too much, hug too much…  I tell them in response you are not capable of love at all.

There is not a lot of conflict resolutions in beating people with your mouths, actions, and temper tantrums….

5)Show me a man who honestly loves God…he loves you better. You wouldn’t have to argue,.. you might respectively disagree… but there will be Peace! Some brothers believe in being called a man makes him a man. I believe that this nation is confused… and need to re-established the likeness of what we choose to call “ESPECIALLY” men of God.  

Once anyone get a clear understanding that LOVE IS NOT OPTIONAL BUT A REQUIREMENT… You wont be disturbed when someone tries to disrespect you on their terms… but you stand tall in your affirmation just setting the example instead of blowing a lot of smoke and  being no more than a sperm donor!