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Whose your  “REAL”Daddy isn’t a trick question… but we must make some wise choices ladies about where we really come from.  Rose colored glasses is an understatement our perception of life are somewhat foundational of what  one  upbringing was. 

th (5)FRED FLINTSTONE, Can we say stuck… in his  antiquated ways…He’s right no matter what, this is the way we did it in our day. We have real stoves with knobs and buttons and insist on Open pit! At best the cavemen mentality. Through her down and pull her by the hair.  Embarrassed to show love. 

.th (8) GEORGE JETSON… His thoughts sound real good in space just to put them to the surface is where the real challenges lies.  A little pumped up on the air or oxygen that he breathes!  He might be alright if he comes down off a universe that exist only in his mind!



th (6)GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE… The complex of always trying to  rescue someone. He has the John Brown persona… He knows what the world needs has no perspective of his own. Because he can’t stop running into trees.   He wants to save the world… and needs some rescue from himself! Looks powerful but he’s not! All the muscles hides his insecurities! He looks fit but conceives all the wrong things in his lifestyle…There is always a problem… but never sees to see himself as apart of the problem!

 th (10) HERMAN MUNSTER… Just too ugly to even look at… doesn’t keep himself together… great personality though… And someone said  YEAH RIGHT!

th (9) RALPH KRAMDEN… A sheer legend of his own “ego”…  a real piece of work. All he does need to exalted before God and the heavenly host. Just loud and ignorant! He thinks he knows everything and until his world comes crashing down. Rough in the mouth… and can be quite selfish.  

th (8)MR MAGOO, poor thing has distorted vision AND NEEDS CORRECTIVE EYE SURGERY… Wont wear his real glasses because he just might see reality.  People don’t know what to believe although they might call him crazy when his back is turned.  So, he just walks around with illusions or  no vision…although he think he sees clearly he surrounds himself with people who are afraid to tell him he is blind.  He needs help and lots of it!  He  can’t see, or discern… most of the time because he can’t see the impending danger because it “feels” right.   He has no concept of what anything but what might look good but can’t detect what is really real… which doesn’t work well with reality.

ca.0610.hulk2THE HULK…You make him angry you got a problem.  Undercover abuser…All into physical fitness, and images… He such low self -esteem and of his muscles hide his  jealousy… Anything might set this nut off! And when he gets too ugly you might not like him anymore!


 th (9)HANNIBAL LECTER….Quite intelligent , charming and an absolute gentleman. There is a dark side and a criminal history. Gives you the creeps! He does comparison, you remind him of  a love he never had… Clarice!

th (13)RUPAUL… Confused at best. Can’t decide who he is and what gender he prefers. Is it down low? Or the freedom of expression. Okay!


th (11)GEORGE JEFFERSON, Big on ego, stubbornness and ignorance. He might be wealthy but no know how? He uses his money as a way of controlling others. The one he marries has to cover him and be a lot smarter than he is. He defines success on the size of his bank accounts. But when you see him, you already know marry him for his money because  he is too in love with himself! 

th (12)ARCHIE BUNKER, an arrogant buffoon at best. Narrow minded… He isn’t racist… Just want to keep the impurities out.  He can only marry a ding bat!

th (10)COUSIN IT,… Many try to figure out who or what wears the pants. He has no identity  WOULD LIKE TO BE CALL OTHER…. until the mind catch up with the matter!  He is ignored because he is in constant identity crisis. 


WHAT’S  WITH THE OR?… THESE  ARE THE MEN YOU  MIGHT BE   MARRYING! Think about who you are engaging most of your time with and for a dose of the future. Divorce has become the new supplement for  the easy way out or leave him when you get disgruntle.

The concept of true marriage is tougher than staying together  its a cry for the being a little bit self less. Too many are getting hitched on a warm fuzzy felling. It might be FLATULENCE!  

Marriage is commitment and not for the faint hearted!

Too many selfish people are in love with idea of getting married instead of being married. The real test of maturity will be staying when you want to leave.  

And here is a real thumper! Sometimes people marry the wrong people out of pressure or a fleshly agenda. Marriage is for adults only and one has to dies to themselves daily in order for the marriage to be productive. 

If you are one who is considering marriage or in a marriage… Understand that marriage is a COVENANT …NOT A  CURE  for your insecurities and fears neither should it be treated like a CURSE!  

Watch and pay close attention who you share you future with and make sure that you ask yourself this question before getting committed. Will this person love me in the bad places or is this person taking advantage that I am in a bad place? Often times  we think we know someone.

God has the perfect person for you not that the person is PERFECT. Masks will come off… sooner or later… And this is when the rubber meets the road or the person will hit the road.

If you think this is an easy question to answer without some spiritual examination and some serious personal and private assessments…Although the man does the choosing it’s what the woman agrees to…I already know…YOU ARE NOT READY!