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I love research… so on my way around in Orland Park, Illinois there is one of my favorite bookstores called Half Price Book Store. If you are an avid researcher and lover of books there is no limit what you might find even if it is vintage games. 

I found this old book written by Connie Fletcher called “WHAT COPS KNOW”. Inside there are no fancy frills or thrills just UNCUT…  stories about Chicago Police experiences. The author was or still is a Professor at one of the Chicago Universities… I am not exactly sure!

 However, you might find this book on Amazon… I actually paid $1.00 for my book it was in the clearance shelf. il_570xN.306482411

This not only serve about what Police Officers go through. It also give you and idea of the mindset of some of these Officers. If you can’t handle the uncut and candid expression this might not be a book for you to read.

This book put me back into the history of some of Chicago but forced me to go back to some old cases and some of the notorious criminals even if they might be the “police”.

I stumbled up on some interesting insight.  And I had to keep computer handy to go back and see who these people were. I will admit, everyone might not be taken away with the grim, but just focus more on the history of Chicago and it’s elements… good, bad or indifferent.