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On my way home after a long drive … I love to listen Sirius Radio… I get to listen to more Motown or more oldies… I heard one of the  best melodious voices.  I then  had to realize that I was so familiar with his voice.

I recalled easily that  my mother was in love with this man or with someone when she played…

Walter Jackson,.. 

Born, March 19, 1938, in Pensacola, Florida but raise in Detroit, Michigan. He became ill as a child with polio… Mr. Jackson, in turn had to be on crutches the rest of his life. He joined a group call the “VELVETONES” and did his first recording.

Before going solo. he began singing in Detroit night clubs…in fact did an audition in Motown and didn’t cut the mustard. He was discovered by Columbia Records, Carl Davis. Who persuaded him to move to the “Windy City”.th (6)

Hooked up with a Chicagoan Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist,and Singer,  Curtis Mayfield…

One of my favorites song… “IT’S ALL OVER”.  Mr. Jackson made  many more popular hits… and fan favorite…a remake of the Morris Alberts song, “FEELINGS”.  Sadly Walter Jackson died June 20, 1983 the age of 45 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

 Walter Jackson, was on of those artist you rarely hear about. So, I thought maybe I should remind Chicago what really became apart of Chicago’s musical history!