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Remember the late Comedian Richard Pryor asked about why people go ballistics and joked about crazed “serial killers”… He propose this question… ”  “WHY DID YOU KILL EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE”

It’s not a joking matter but the truth is that because they were at available. How many stories I have heard  when a family is murdered and the one that wasn’t at home-made the gruesome discovery because they weren’t at home?

All mental illness doesn’t lead to murder but there are some illness that is  just sheer evil.  One has to admit there is  something off to murder another human being and not think twice about it.

Americans love excuses or quick fixes this in turn keeps them with a feeling of being comfortable in their lives! Warning signs are there but are we “really” paying attention.  

Yes, I agree that there are people born bad but I also believe that  life’s pressure can be a breeding ground for tragedy! I am not making excuses for anyone who decide since they are unhappy with life…I will take the entire household. 

Just how much more can we handle? The news media is flooded with people who just snapped or did they?  It has gone wrong a lot of cases where that has been reported domestic dispute but many ignore the warning signs. I know for some people can’t always understand why some stay.

Gender isn’t a factor because we do have women who have also murdered their own families. Sadly, more and more we are hearing when it all goes wrong…

Honestly, this lets me know how fragile life is and the vulnerability of the human mindset.  To know someone is yet, to know what he or she is capable of doing.  Many are blown away when family tragedies of this sort happens. Completely taken off guard because there were no warning signs or ? Unfortunately, it’s almost frightening to believe that someone we know or love is capable of being less than human but it’s happening everyday.

It’s not always that “easy” to spot deviants even if they are in our homes or in the workplace.   Sometimes only one person might see what many might have missed!