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Let me share a few personal experiences about encountering another’s ignorance…

Here recently , I met a couple  who claim in so many words,  he was a self-made millionaire. He spoke with me about how he traveled around the world.  and he is now planted in one of Chicago’s  suburb affluent neighborhoods. Trying to impress me,.. I kept quiet because I knew he was full of himself! Nonetheless, I paid attention to what words came out of his mouth.

All the while he was speaking I was getting the whispers of the  “HOLY SPIRIT’… others might call it a feeling.  I know better!  I let  him run his mouth and my “cousin” entertained him with  small conversation. But I sense something that was off… So I vaguely responded… I wasn’t comfortable.

I didn’t bother to share or  say many words because I knew he was a little too quick to speak. Which is a red flag about when you know more than God! I didn’t trust a word he said!  I started to feel how he got his money wasn’t good.  I believe his wife came from money but he on the other hand… He saw “slowness” and opportunity  and unfortunately married it!

I knew I didn’t want to really do business with the guy. He wanted me to meet another man he respected who happens to be in the Muslim Faith. He told me that I should visit this gentleman at a certain Mosque and I didn’t mind because I do enjoy learning and wisdom.  

Yet, before I could leave he made the “ultimate” mistake  and made a negative  comment about Minister Farrakhan… Instead of responding I shared my respect and love for the Minister and stood my ground and I was the smallest one in the room!

He got turned off.. and then mentioned my Pastor….th (1) Dr. Michael Pfleger who all of Chicago knows… I knew our dealings would end…( No Pun Intended) He didn’t like white people…

Okay! I was feeling my face getting hot… it was time to go!  I wanted to help the wife… but I knew who was the brains and it turned out neither one was that bright! After 3 days of doing business…it was over!

The next situation… I received a nasty little note from a hater of th (8)Dr. Jeremiah Wright and

th (1) Minister Farrakhan…Of course he didn’t have the “testicular” fortitude to leave his name… He just put all of us on blast…  I reported the nastiness and say what better way to use this platform to set  a lot of things straight….If you feel you need to express yourself… love helps…

I am a petite woman in stature … I don’t bite and I wont break! The world is bigger than someone’s’ fruitless opinions because it’s not going to make me hate but love them that much more.

I am not a novice on the flakiness of one’s biscuits. People use the bible to push personal ideologies,  theologies and opinions.

I am  unapologetic… I don’t run that kind of ministry. God’s ways and thoughts are not always mines.  If I knew it all…Why do I need God? Many are just going through the motions of what they think they know…God is specific about dealing with the wicked and a fool!

Wicked men you shouldn’t keep company with( Proverbs 24:19)… and fool doesn’t receive correction (Proverbs 12:1)

 Perfection is no one…but it’s time we stop co-signing on prejudices, hatred and boat loads of manure!

The world regurgitates because of all the ignorance and sin  it has digested without proper filtration…Even if it starts with just simple truth. You are not better than I am…no matter of what race, what your status is… or where I worship!

Often times, many people limit their lives to what they know instead of how someone might enhance what they already know. I knew I took the chance to share Social Justice and Prophetic Perspectives… and with leaders that are known because of experience but listening ignorantly to what others might be saying isn’t a deterrent for me.

Once Pastor Pfleger’s face is on something “he is already the poster child for being the church’s dysfunction”… I would like to add..that there are some instances he and I wont see the same thing eye to eye but nevertheless…what some of you are supposed to be about .. you’re not.  Whether you understand my mission or my message… I respect people’s space… and I am open for the truth and never you ignorance. I am not writing because this isn’t my passion… this goes beyond what many can I understand…and I expect greatness out of myself to pour into someone else… I don’t play with the perception of truth based on anyone’s “ORGANIZED RELIGIONS”…  People talk the talk but are not walking it out is the true witness!

I am not into converting anyone…  that is the power of God whether you believe or not… Many need a lot of prayer without prejudice. God is about love! And our nation is in big trouble following things that they have no knowledge or wisdom for that matter. What do you know about people unless your personal experience can tell me differently even then is just respectively disagreeable… or are you following or repeating the ignorance of another.

Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Although, I am called to the nation to go before Kings and Priests… I am not obviously to the nastiness , prejudices and hatred even among so-called Christians.   All of us have fallen short or will fall short. It’s amazing at how one can hate and make excuses for why they do it!  I understand some are not there yet, but until then…

Let me share how God identifies the fool…