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As Illinois is looking at another election… I found out the hard way about the “Dirty Politics and Dirty Pulpits” especially  in Chicago!  

You know what I discovered?… That there are a lot of people who have had churches that represent “absolutely” nothing which a lot of dirt breeds and takes center.

What do I mean? 

Even with all the manure that comes wreaking with one call “radical”… How much more  radical a can  schemers get? Con is what… is what con does. I am not thrown back about the huge hypocrisy problem in church today?  As much as many of these “Pastors” want the truth… I found out that many of them are not only… liars and manipulators… but there  is always an agenda that supersedes their ego! The church  has been used as a front  to get material gain… look important and get there best side on television.   

Sadly, I will go on record to PUBLICLY  admit.”

“Not only does many churches stand for hypocrisy…Quite a few  churches are not pushing what they claim to believe… The church hibernate political  ingrates and criminals  more than a four corner street hustler And we are not getting rid of the church scum because of what?

Secondly, how much justice is  there, when these slick Pastors”… are co-signing on the church whoredome and want you to keep quiet and just believe what they say? Be it “their”  picks of the members or any agenda?

“But there is always a big meeting about doing NOTHING!  

Yet, the pedophiles live comfortable with pensions, and a nice places to stay until they come to trial.  How is  child molester in a pulpit anyway? What man or woman continues on this path of being blinded by their own lust and claim that there is a relationship with God?…Without asking some hard questions about yourself!

BEWITCH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT…. Problematically you will find many of these so called  ” Pastors” have a problem with telling the whole truth and nothing but!  

And  the  downside of the murkiness of the water and ruse made on others .. How can we change anyplace without first being confrontational about your own dirty secrets  and scandal before it hits the media?

 How can any liar bred change without contempt! Let me add along with the sidekicks Jezebel,  Joe Joe, … and  more dirty politicians. Another Lie!

If ministers are  so blindly, ignorantly, and foolishly endorsing people with questionable issues of integrity I have to wonder what  God are you serving when you “say” you are living God’s truth?  You’re not!  

You know what  is also  another eye opener”… That filth I see today… and I said filth… Is that unfortunately the “truth” isn’t embraced even among the so-called well-known and “elite” churches… Yeah right!

I say let get rid of some these dirty pastors who seem to look the other way when crime is taking place under their nose and on their watch! You know what I see… that  the “truth” has been ignored to push whatever private agenda one might have. Our standard is supposed to be different but I can’t tell with the opportunists… whether they are Pastors and extended to the pews!

This doesn’t take any prophetic word but a coward. To use God’s people to make it seem as if they are the martyr!  …All you have to do is examine what’s following anyone’s ministry. If you got a boat load of messiness… Guess what I know already about you and your people?

 If the spine of a ministry is missing, you don’t need God to say … it’s time to go! You will become a spiritual quadriplegic…which makes you not only without a balance… but a useless spine!

When people continue to “ignore” red flags and lie to the people about God where is your “Godly” witness?

I think it’s bad when you have to ask you “pastors” to come clean or stay away dirty”… To stand up and be a man about it! Whew!

People be warned … check these churches out, these dirty pastors and politicians!  

The lie that Pastor’s grip is that … Christ choose ordinary men… but let’s be honest unless something is in it for them. Why would any so-called man or woman of God purposely choose dirty folks to do their business even Jesus? We tend to skip when Jesus wasn’t just making a point. He demonstrated just how man will let you down, tuck his tail between his leg and then throw you under a bus!

I’ve come to learn  being honest is quite difficult and a liabilty  for a lot of  churches and ministries today! 

Side Bar… When it was all  said and done… Where were the disciples when Jesus face persecution?… SLEEP!  Christ illustrated … even with JUDAS… At the end of the day… the water is murky!

Chicago please remember especially in these struggle areas…Some of these people don’t care about you… it’s a power play and distorted visions at best! Some people go to certain churches to be endorsed to gain head weight.  

Be wise… Sometimes Pastors don’t care who they endorse… It’s a power play for them too.  Sometimes leaders  are driven with private and political agendas of their own. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mines… Or they might be sleeping together who knows especially in Chicago!

Many think Christ just chose men that we interpret as “only human”.  But here is the other part people simply choose ignore.  I don’t believe the disciple where poster children for ministry.  Christ use  every day men and women to show you exactly the frailty and the laziness of not being totally and completely sold out to God’s agenda and the end results was that Christ didn’t have that much back up! 

Christ… showed you 12 men who basically couldn’t get pass nap time!  We had to be shown  just how easily men are lead astray and duped at the sight of real pressure!   Telling the truth comes with a boldness that I found that only exist among the men you don’t know and can’t see anymore because they are either on this “BLACKLIST…(No Pun Intended)

Although, one would like believe that God looks will continue to look over things man fail to address and that is  LIE!.  I for one …see the shiftiness  and the imbalances like never before even in the church.  

Yet, again let me just get right to the point…

“I will not, endorse anyone whom I know is the devil to begin with  and it just might be one my  church members!

People be wise… DO NOT VOTE FOR PEOPLE BASED ON WHAT YOU THINK YOU SEE… DO THE HOMEWORK for yourselves! Get people out of your head and examine what their walk is first”

I have to ask… What’s” REALLY” in the game for them? Your opinion might be one thing but the TRUTH is another… As a man or woman of God TRUTH, INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER  is supposed to matter first.


You know what I believe? …You got a lot of deceptive leadership building nests in folks head.   I believe the church should stay out of politics especially when one can decide or discern people that will bring more diseased  communities and cancers!

Let’s get honest,  How can anyone begin to clean up anything without first being confrontational about the lies, criminal activities and dirt in their own churches? Let alone  trust who they endorse for office. REALLY?

 Even if you are apart of the lying! 

Sadly, when ministers don’t give a rats behind about ” truth and integrity” it doesn’t leave a lot of room for God does it?

I am  embarrassed at anyone who believes God is going to ignore the filthiness in our pulpit and pews and yet want others to think one is big on positive change!

Yeah right!

If it doesn’t start at home what in the world you believe an agent of change is?  All I can believe is that many of us who claim to hear from God and know God… seem to power play with demons and devils…

While there are people of integrity who  are forced to connect with others outside of church and other organization because you can’t be trusted for a real change!

“I can’t trust any man who will allow anyone to be maimed, abused, attacked, or ridicule on their watch”…And take the God in them seriously!

Do you have to wonder why so many are disenchanted with the church and why people believe it’s an occult?   I am not disenchanted with brick and mortar… I am disenchanted at what calls themselves men and women of God… And live double lives … the first face is that of a Hypocrite… Pick A, B, or C… for the other!

Tells me just how low one will get to push  their agenda is to get behind anyone that first of all has more issues with the color of ones skin, not to mention messy and all over the place!  

Yes, I believe God wants us involved  in politics not to be more cliquish and power hunger!

I can’t believe what some people  get behind now days…  Be prepared to see it all go to hell in a hand basket…if we go along just because of one’s personal pick without the wisdom and clarity… NOT THE LIARS CLUB AND IT REUNION! If lies and private agendas  is what is motivating any minister… I know your spiritual equilibrium isn’t in tact!

 Setting the record straight… A “mature” Christian cover their leaders even when they have failed on their watch…  but also  a “WISE” mature Christian can recognize if God is ruling and reigning… He or she knows when to  hold them, fold them, walk away or even RUN….