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I am still shocked and amazed at how many of our leaders are falling to the waste side. God gives us certain gifts and talents to contribute to this earth. Everyday that God gives us above ground we should try to make the best out of our lives… even if you think it’s not that important. Everything has a place under the sun.  

Some go louder and  further in their call while some may lie low and have quiet success! Wherever you are with that gift or talent…REMINDER

“Your gift is what makes you room for you and takes you higher… but it is your character that maintains you”

We should get in the habit of affirming your call with surrounding and indulging  yourself with…

1)Discipline… Keeps the chaos at bay…and flesh under control.

2)Discernment…Your inner knowing compasses you and preserves you

3)Diligence…The more you practice the more you perfect.

4)Determination…Is one of the steps that made you successful in whatever you have accomplished!

Nothing could have sadden me more to hear that another ” community activist and attorney  was convicted of mortgage fraud. Whether he was railroaded… or not … We  must be careful of what entertain, incorporate in our crowds as networking or making that connection.  We must ask questions and know what we are getting ourselves connected to.

As you go higher in  your “call” you have to be very mindful of the power of success and all the nonsense that goes along with it. Power can corrupt anyone!  It’s so easy saying what you would do in certain situation or circumstance life can get so complicated in an instant. 

We are already set up or taught to fail but no one shares how to continue the success!  The snares and slippery slopes  will follow behind all of  us.  And remember with power comes “DANGER”, Whatever white cloud or purple haze you are in … We must get wise about what surround us and who we call a friend. How many times “sabotage” comes from someone we “thought” loved  us or trusted?

Unfortunately, people love to attached themselves vicariously with your success… All the while “throwing rocks” and hiding their hands.

Some people “tag” along because they see opportunities. Complete all the necessary steps to appear… gentle while hiding their fangs.

 I am not just limited this to a highly successful career it might simply come down to your successful marriage. Get real! Some people are unhappy and want company and lots of it!

We got to know when to keep people out of our personal and private settings… Large crowds breeds even more trouble…

When someone actually dabble along the lines of success no matter what it is … There are always people who will show you one side but there “ultimate” goals sometimes is bringing  your  success to a halt…. They are called “HATERS”.

I can recall when someone I knew who grew successfully in leaps and bounds in ministry.  I loved her , but I knew to pace myself around her because I saw some “uglies”… Powerful following but I saw that head exploding in PRIDE… and money was becoming more and more her focus…She wouldn’t even pray unless you had given her a certain amount of money… This angered me and I spoke the truth…Others smooth her fur and stroked her ego…

 I lost people in ministry  because I spoke up and I called it…  I knew pain was coming  and lots of it! The people she surrounded herself… Despised her!

All of her business was on every television network  it was like a soap opera unfolding… I didn’t need to say I told you so… I knew the embarrassment was going to rip her apart and it did….She attempted suicide… she lived…

But her credibility is  shot and she has some situations with the law.  Every one that she” thought” loved and respect her… told intimate details of her life… Needless to say it grew  messier!

I kept my distance!

My point is…Be careful of who we “allow”  in our personal space…. Often times one can get busy counted money, and trying to expand their success… Nnot know that he or she is “sleeping with the enemy”…

This is so hard for many to grasp… but sometimes family members might be your “Judas” and  sell you out!

Betrayal might be eating at your table or even claiming to love you! I have been here! Unfortunately success can have you sleeping because you are surrounded with people who wants  you keep you in that state of just being “blind” … But you should keep your eyes wide open…Educate yourself on what likes to attach themselves to you or what is being introduced to you!  Being foolish can cost you greatly even some time behind bars!