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The gun violence is so far out of hand… whether it’s the wild west or the wild hundreds… Last week alone gun violence was escalating all over this country. From Washington to Chicago!

We have to understand that our children are now the ones pulling the trigger on a gun… or angry neighbor who decides that a laughing child should be placed in a body bag!

Are you serious? We need more than universal background check…we need mental health evaluations and assessments. When people with “anger” issues what can they be classified as being. Everything is an excuse…from standing on someone’s porch to a minor  disturbance at a movie theater.

What happens when  a person is just looking to shoot someone even if its a 13 year old child.It’s called demonic…People who have some anger issues are soon to look at some health situations not to mention out of control anger can set the pace for you to use any weapon and hurt someone, get hurt or be killed…

Anger isn’t good for anyone healthy mentally or physically.  Where are you mentally when have to lose control and just unload  a weapon all because  you have no sense of value or the value of human life? 

And my questions still remain… What has happened to self control?  Where is the mindset of a senseless shooter?  What in the world is your problem?  Guns are still in the hands of wrong people!