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As I am vastly approaching that change of life… I find myself with just as much comfort as I am with discomfort.  I did my own personal survey when you begin to ask other women about going through the change… And you know what I found out.,.THEY LIE…

I am almost at  50 years old… I see the changes in my physical body as well as my mental health. You can’t believe my age… and I say…I can’t believe it either…As much as I believe in physical fitness… realistically speaking… My body makes noises… like a bowl of Rice Krispies..SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP!

 I try to eat right most of the time… my changes aren’t every now and then. It’s my lifestyle…. Everywhere I go people ask what am I doing to maintain such a youthful appearance?…

When I say prayer,  exercise, and  I stay away from anything that is toxic…. PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS…. I don’t have to go to Macy’s for the expensive moisturizer cream…. You will  be surprise at simple lifestyle changes that maintains that youthfulness…  

When I realize that you have to surround yourself with beautiful things… I don’t mean materialistically… because anyone can accumulate “stuff”… and lack the peace of God.  I mean beautiful from the inside and it will show on the outside…

I have seen what the world call beautiful people… that have the behavior of a desert vulture… HUMAN VAMPIRES…They drain you… they keep you upset, they keep up division and more or less they all about themselves!

When hear that “dumb and negative” conversation… I move on! I have to add energy and life to a room… Not messiness, lies and discord… Positive words keep my mouth and lips pretty… which keeps my spirit man  heart healthy!

 I am a sucker for love and not stupidity… That is why I love on people instead of being with negativity on steroids. People are jealous and hateful towards me because I don’t embrace the foolishness of mistreatment of others including myself… If that is what one might define stuck up… I am your GIRL!

In the history of menopause more women died  younger or  at the age of 40 many suffered with mental illness because of not identifying what the changes were. Hormones imbalance can create another mindset. And it’s no laughing matter…When a woman’s hormones are out of whack so is she… Being positive helps… knowing who God is at this time is a BONUS! 

Women are still not to comfortable about going through the change… I for one don’t care!  I have to stay true to myself… I am getting older things are shifting around, my patience might be longer but I don’t waste my time. Love me or leave me! I have to feel my best when I act my best.

I very open minded about life and where people are… that is what  validates my sanity! I am not perfect… but I am not a phony… that’s what matters the most!

 I was pretty laid back even in my younger years… but not I have gotten pass that… but I  simply I don’t waste my time. I am more comfortable in my skin… even if I see the subtle flaws.  I think about all the time I spent trying to find who I really was only to arrive at… I got so much more to offer!

 Even if I slow walk all of it…I am still on the top side of the soil.th (3)

Oh, I ready know about the prudes… who refuse to accept they might need new eye glasses. a better bra… and the whole enchiladas… I simply work out! They rather ignore what maybe they need to challenge!

Yep… I am still working on that six-pack… I pray to the good “sweet” Jesus it comes between the waking up pregnant every other month… That’s “bloating” for some of you who refuse to learn the new lingo for going through the change of life… During the fluctuation of hormones… sometimes our “belly” might rise over night like yeast inside the bread!  You should see when I am speaking with women my age that act like they are not going through change. They already know something wrong with you when we are almost half-naked in 5 below zero weather… from the occasional “hot flashes”.  

With myself, I have taken another approach about going through the change of life… I first got in touch with the God in me… to make a better me.  I leave “ugly” in its place. I rather be alone in total bliss than surround myself with a bunch of  donkeys who have nothing to offer but more upset! I rather have sincerity and quality…than the fake illusions of being popular surrounded by “losers”…

I can’t be everything to everyone only to the people that it counts the most with… 

When I first had my  menstrual cycle new things were happening in a much younger body I was going from a girl to a woman… Yet, as I go into this phase of my life being “middle-aged”… I am WOMAN!  

What do I care about it  now?

Greater things are happening in my body now… because I am more accepting of the flaws and I am wiser about taking care of them… Even if this is  bigger this or that I have  less of that!

Staying healthy in my spirit is key and the rest is soon to follow!