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I am quite open about  my personal experiences with Pulpits, Pews, Politics, and the Power…  

THE PULPITS …Even as I was  being groomed for ministry and as a simple lay member… I learned nothing about the church  from what I was geared to do. Instead I ran into more opposition, prejudices and hatred. If anyone would like to keep it 100 percent… Let’s start right here!

I learned exactly what the church wasn’t. That is why when many want to do the horse and pony show they have to find another sucker because I “ain’t it”. What is quite disturbing to many who would like to join and become apart of the church… it appear to stands for no more than what they see in the world… the power tripping opportunists, greed, the lusty leaders and the hypocrisy.

I never understood why some never trusted the church until I saw the madness for myself growing up. I knew about the church madness and the drama that comes along with it.  Honestly, the call to be a Pastor is not a joke!

Easily, I recognized the more educated  the people were the more ignorant they were to the things of God… Only knew theory but never new practical. The love for ministry or God never left a textbook…

God loves a man and woman that study …. but he loathes one that think they are better because they have a stamp behind their title.

In fact education never meant anyone  loves God or his people  or been affirmed by God for ministry. To some it was just a vocation or they thought it to be a step toward false humility,  self serving and mankind. As if they were doing us a favor and God should be happy about it.

When political power comes into play… it’s the “devil’s marketplace”.  

If  someone “scratch” your backs and  your  idea needs to be pushed let me vote this “idiot” in…. And let me also go here… The church is very dangerous in doing this. So, let me explain my definition of an idiot.

“IDIOT…Someone who is self defeated in the mind”

 Although many always push what is right for the people… but don’t buy into it even if so-called “Candidates” get in your pulpit.  Some are self-serving and could care less if you painted the town red.  I know from experience the corruption even in the church.

Isn’t it funny the church wants to be respected for doing good but never God? As much as we like to believe the church and state should be together… only when it is deemed necessary!  If people are voting they need no coaching from anyone… all they need is do their homework on what anyone is about. And folks let me tell you … some of these so-called “new comers” are slick as Crisco… Do the homework!

You want to serve… go to McDonald’s.  There are  people who really loved God and were hurt, maimed or abused by the church. So, I know the sense of vulnerability to build a nest in one’s head based on church attendance. It’s easy to buy into what someone feels about someone “think” is it!  Don’t believe the hype! 

Many Pastors don’t care what is seating in the sanctuary as long as they bring the money and pretend as if it is a safe haven and they are doing all this wonderful work… until something is exposed.

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The church was never designed to become a checkerboard for the devil! People use the church to push “selfish agenda” and their “personal”  picks… All in the name of helping the people… Yeah Right!

People love power and the perception how they think they can handle it. In mid stream forget all about the people and you will  begin to see the real agenda.

Who I vote for is  “never” none of the church business, so who a Pastor endorses is never my business because I don’t care. I don’t come anyplace without my “own” brain kept in tact.  I believe it is a dangerous thing to do to advocate anyone  from the pulpit, especially if one’s integrity is  in question and on the line.

“The church wants respect but does disrespectful things” 

I am not talking about your “special” needy groups (entourages) , cliques, power trippers and social climbers…We are speaking about the House of God. How we respond is “suppose” to be different how so, when even the church affiliations are murky?

Some people know that some of these wanna politicians and the career politicians are janky but they “allow” them to manipulate power and gain positions to get prestige.

The church and whatever gets in the pulpit  isn’t informing me as much as I am already informed.  What builds me to go back into the world is  the church purpose but not necessarily the main objective. It’s amazing how the church is used to push political agendas so that some Pastors can push theirs and often times it is the devil’s business  that they advocate…

Vote smart.. and you can’t do this voting in  “dummies”. 

Now I have to be fair… If we leave the church out  on how we vote… then why are advocating why the church needs political figures to grace the pulpit?

Some people push people they favor… Instead of finding out who they are, many “think” they  know their main objective. If you know you have the power and the influence… I  would choose to use the wisdom to vote not your opinion. This why Chicago has so much “garbage”…

People are passed on with positions, titles and opportunities because they play the  games and not qualified to get the job done!  If telling lies is how one maintain a position and political power isn’t this already the prerequisite for being corrupted. Yet, the church  is going to back them on what?

The church  is  Social Justice and  we are exercising our  rights to vote with some character and integrity… If you honestly believe this … I ask this question… Where in God’s name is the Pastor’s integrity.. if a person is a liar, messy or a manipulator? God told you what?  We need to make our minds up. Are you sure it’s for the people or for your own selfish political agendas?

Unfortunately I have seen the compromise of the church, and I have also seen more deception in  churches than the streets.

Why?  I believe that often people let their guards down thinking the church is about God’s Business more often than most people are getting smart and realizing its a load of crock.

I know that many has the “cliché that church is a hospital.  And it’s not bad to have this cliché’ but on the real side… We have to break down all the dynamics of a hospital including the Psyche ward… Trauma Units  and many forget that there is a place for the dead… the morgue! There is a place that we should let certain things die… and that is allowing more corruption to bleed and breed on “our” watches… Your fur smoothers is not indication that they can handle what the people need no more than anyone who has lied his or her way to gaining political and private power!

 I don’t repeat things because someone else has passed it along. There are some bad hospitals just  like a churches they can be lethal with false advertising and false prophets.   

THE PEWS. If there is a place to power trip and run game. Get a church with 10 members and watch how one person can a make a total donkey out of most people who are in a  pew in a spiritual funk!  Church  might not always proven to be the best therapy!  It’s a place of business with just as many dysfunction.  

What I  learned  the most  lot about the nature of a pulpit it exudes power and everyone thinks they want it. The question is what kind of power are you actually looking for … and if “Self” benefits the most.  Wrong power and dangerous power!

 I learned quickly that “Pastors” are  simply mere mortals. Some know what they are doing others… try to fake it until they make it.  The farce is that all Pastors can’t  hear from God and you will be surprise how many don’t believe in God. Sadly many of them out are too lazy to have a relationship with the Christ and are quite “chauvinistic” and prejudice.  If you  don’t believe me… then  why is there so much compromise,discrimination, sexism and  competition in the church?

 That ” Mister”  from the Color Purple mentality… All women are sub-servant to who they are.  

THE PEWS… We got a lot of people taking up space God isn’t the center and they ain’t trying to make him  their center. It’s a hook up and  a  measuring rod that helps them validate just  how much of a heathen that they are. Coming to church is suppose this so-called good mark with God.   Church is the new social club and lacks character and integrity…

I am not shocked that sinners come to church… that is the initial step of knowing who God is, I am shocked at the self-righteous attitudes of the faithful church goers and others.  Selective sin boxes… for the ones they favor is corrupted!

THE POLITICS… I believe the church should play an intricate part of. However,   I am in total disagreement of allowing anything in my pulpit… Absolutely not! We have “town halls” for those matters.  In actuality, you might represent one party and have the others agenda. The unwise thing to believe when it comes to favoring who you believe should run… should be kept personal as like who you vote for.  Some people run games all the time in this particular manner, the idea is the pin the tail on the donkey… and the church is full sheep…and if you want to see some  cunning, conniving, and cut throat people… get a lying pastor, pimp and politicians that goes to church!