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I can recall a famous “gospel” artist who divorced her husband and the church gave her what for… I can tell the situation and what she had experienced already had left her with scars because the church had shunned her because she told of her domestic abuse for many years!

Unfortunately I have no idea what “fantasy” world exist within the church but the reality is … We can’t afford to ignore the problems that arrive at the doorsteps.  

Another gospel artist allegedly beat his wife with a bar stool almost breaking her arm and pelvis. People had warned about him before  also  some very disturbing behavior before including one incident of rape. Lots of people ignored who was.

Those who  turned the “blind” eyes. He has been arrested twice in one week for his explosive temper. When all the evidence was coming forth as usual the ignorant bible toter were quoting scriptures even though a child was the center of the scandal… People jump to his side and never any question how well the child was.

 We can try to appear noble and say pray for him… I’m  there because he needs prayer… But I am also realistic… He has a problem and need a good lawyer and some serious counseling.

th (5)What embarrassment  yet again and a black eye to the church. Now that he is a household name and someone who I enjoy listening to… Sadly Mr. James Fortune is back in jail and brushes with the law because he has some issues with anger.

I am not the one who  make excuses for anyone who is in wrong standing even if it is someone I like. It is …what it is…

I recall the “Elder” women taking us under their wings but also remember those who tried to always “hush” us when we had questions about things we saw or heard especially if there is some issue of violence rumored!

 1 in 3 will women or 1 in 4 men will experience violence, 1 in 5 women survive rape…1 in 4 women or 1 in 6 men have been sexually assaulted before age 18. The numbers are staggering but you should also know  that there  is someone in  your life who have been abused by someone!

When it comes to people we love and or respect God forbids if something “scandalous” is exposed especially being domestically inclined… the church goes into their script.

What is there to really judge when someone has been abused?  We don’t really need opinions we need the law at this point.

 If this doesn’t set fire to the rain! Come on… As if the gospel industry can’t face the truth. This isn’t the first time we heard of some serious domestic and sexual abuse within the gospel community!

Rumors of  sexually abuse and domestic abuse by well-known artist has always existed! The church community seem to break down or cover up when one of our own has been caught in these type of situations!

In actuality many people ignore what the serious charges are instead stay so much focus on the fame of the individual instead of the scars that he or she has caused.  

Where are the checks and balances for the people who are injured in these situations some even murdered?

Honestly how much healing is going to take place when the church and the gospel community  is in some serious denial? How many rumors have proven true within the gospel industry about men who abused children and pretending to be their mentor.  Men aren’t as vocal as women when it comes to being abused period.  We have people in our churches, homes, synagogues, organization, school or at home … who have been or abused or being abused.

 For some it’s easier when it’s deemed  an ordinary individual then he or she should get the book thrown at them… But a famous gospel artist… If you love him so much get him lots of  help!