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As much as many “fellas” say they desire a “virtuous” woman. The truth is how many “real” men can  maintain her and handle her true self of strength?

Proverbial women mean something to God…and  she values herself… that is why she can’t bought or sold…  She is  PRICELESS…

I think it’s all going to hell in a hand basket… When we can no longer distinguish what is done in good taste and what is simply just garbage!  We have made people, places and things made to be gods. People lie and manipulate the stench  of what is done distasteful and label it GOD… And fools are sold!

And when boundaries are not made in any human beings life… it shows.  I give “kudos” to my mother and all the wonderful people God placed in my life to make sure I had some sense of self-worth and no my value! 

I think what is getting to be more and more disturbing … Is the lack of respect for one self and the respect for others.  

Opportunists…like the Slave Trade are acting on the same  foundation. There are only “SLIGHT” differences other than that… It’s all about SELF PROMOTING!

I want to make  some  valuable points to women… about when someone who has the “female slave mentality”!  This mentality still exist in the minds of more people than one would like to believe.

“About 12 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic many as 20 percent died before reaching America. And upon arriving many were chosen in various fashion for the slave trade. From being the  “slave owners” personal pick  to the hard-core field hand’. 

For example female slaves were taken in taverns or in public areas and displayed  were basically the more well-developed bodies…Females were put through a string of test… It went as far as who would be the most desirable  and for some it was wanting to be chosen…

Get the picture?  This still exist today accept women do it to themselves to prove she can get a man, GET HIS MONEY… seduce him, make a fool out of him… or ALL THE ABOVE!

Don’t think they weren’t put to the test with despicable “SEXY” acts. It can go from “dancing and gyrating ” or your were simply being  bed down and sampled…

In the wake of what I know to see and believe about females THAT DO THINGS IN SO CALLED “GOOD TASTE”  YUCK!

… What really has changed today? As much as some of our so called “leaders” say they value us as women… THEY DON’T!  

Strip Clubs make billions of dollars… and cheaper versions of these clubs are existing today and it might be in your church. I have never seen so many desperate women to be  a modern day slave!  

During those times the more diseased slaves could be sold underhanded not knowing that she is ill.  Is this not the mental state of most lusty men telling himself he found himself a treasure and its nothing but TRASH? He only looks at the outside and driven by his own lust can’t see the truth!

When I see a female that degrades herself… I have some know  how on who she is and  already what she stands for…

1) She is her own worst enemy but parading herself to be worthy to be kept instead of knowing how valuable she really is…so she performs to win the house of the Master.  She believe it represent some sort of power or comfort…. That is the delusion!

2)She will never receives God’s best because she manipulates with her body and wont use her mind.  It doesn’t take much thought to be only sexually driven! All you have to do is just lie there!

3) She  is already a slave to her own flesh…Too lazy to work hard to get it…So she has to do all the tricks to get a rise out of “Massa”. It works for a little while and she will be thrown back into the field or the kitchen!

The  slave owner  never  thinks she is worth a good meal or  prime beef His mentality, after he is done that the female slave is still  used as  farm animal to breed!  You must mate with your kind in order for the slave owner to keep a certain level of income.

Also keep in mind, the slave owner never looks at the female slaves  with the heart of love just lust  and  as a way of keeping and maintaining his lifestyle!

When a female today… seeks attention by stooping to a greater level than the devil she is not be wife  up but paid like a prostitute that she is.  There is a way that woman should carry herself and that is also including in the church.

I am personally a little disgusted with the dogs and pony shows across America…What we call done in  good taste.  REALLY?

I think it’s embarrassing for me as a woman when women who has to degrade themselves self  all in the name of getting a position, popularity, or whatever private agenda that she may have…  To reduce yourself to  become a borderline exhibitionist, a one woman freak show to be chosen by a man is absurd!  

 I don’t adapt to something all done in the Name of God and use God as a front for a new job or place in someone’s bed.

We can’t leave out the lusty men that try to play it off…

Just like they old slave trade it’s always the man the claps the loudest… Whether it’s out loud or in your head.  (Think about that). His value system is just as worthless as hers! 

Great men cover their women not exploit them.  Just in case  you weren’t aware of…The more good-looking slaves may have gotten chosen but they were twice as likely to be the owner side piece… and severely beaten by his wife. (Some of you will get it later)

Some took those beatings in order not to go in the field.  You see, the slave owner kept his bed warmers smelling pretty… If he wanted to bed down what they called a “dirty field hand”… He raped her anywhere.

If you were in the house… you might be smelling good but you got your tail whipped!  Compare that today with women who “exploit” themselves” in order to get a Massa!

“More women no matter what race, creed or color… do more body altering to get chosen” .  How sad is this?  This is a mind blower for me!  

I would also make a point about the “disease” female slave … 

Many suffered with different ailments…Here are just a few  … And because all the slaves lack certain nutrients their body was easily accessible to certain illnesses.  

1) Blindness 2)  Bowed legs 3) Skin lesions 4)Diarrhea  

… Many women who are infected with the AIDS virus… also may experience like symptoms.  

Unfortunately, People are lovers of themselves! What is deemed to  be good is now bad, and what is bad is now deemed good….

I think what is it’s all time high is that more moral decay is inside the walls  of especially Christianity. Being a Christian doesn’t hold a lot of weight and that doesn’t disturb me as much as not standing up for having any values does! 

As much as many people “quote” these warm and fuzzy feeling cliché’s  I can tell you now… Half…  That many don’t  actually believe in what they  are saying  let alone live it!  

“When a female is treated like a slave is one thing but when you sell yourself short by displaying your femininity in an ungodly manner you make yourself a slave’.

Remember that ” Massa” only did the bad things to his slaves whether you were in the field or inside the house… YOU WERE STILL A SLAVE!

I don’t have to ask if you have a “female  slave mentality”!  Females  will cut your throat over a man who “ain’t” worth a carton of eggs!  If it’s about getting all this attention as if to be auctioned off.  She will go into her “circus act”… if she believes it is going to bring comfort. And yes, we have some “dumb” men that fall for the act!

Sadly, females there isn’t a whole lot to be jealous of especially when a woman doesn’t know her worth.  I can’t get caught  up in all the body altering just to  “attract” a man…

I take care of what God has  blessed me with … MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.  

It doesn’t take that much to realize where any female is …All I have to do is watch in-depth how you really carry yourself, what you attach yourself to, who you surround yourself with  and who you are selling your souls to?