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Here recently, I was doing some research.  And I stumbled upon something that really had taken me by a “huge” surprise. I discovered in my so call” safe neighborhood” and within some of the most prestigious surrounding suburbs. I was surrounded with a “lot” of registered sexy offenders! I am not saying all because you live in these nice areas there is no crime… But I believe that sometimes “money” can’t quiet things!

Honestly, when people move to these million dollar homes… Are they thinking… criminal element?  

Lord give me strength! And in the listing of where some of the wealthiest homes. I saw even more registered sex offenders! This is what we need to stay clear of what is “stereotyped” as a criminal! I lived by more people who got more issues than you’d care to believe.  After visiting the “National Watchdog Website”… It’s enough to make you wonder what is really going on next door!

 So I had to have the audacity to do even more research… I realize that I had more sex offenders surrounding the most affluent neighborhoods than in some of Chicago’s most high crime areas! If you think this was off the meter…  I continued to check more affluent areas… the same existed… What am I saying? Being in what we call the most nicest areas doesn’t mean you are exempt of being surrounding with danger!  People have a tendency to believe certain things couldn’t happen in their neighborhoods…

I suggest to  everyone go to your local police stations or surrounding counties to see just how strong crime is in the areas. Doesn’t mean that everyone is a criminal no more than we are to believe that some of these offenders are rehabilitated!

“You already know the response with some people… THOSE THINGS JUST DON’T HAPPEN AROUND HERE”…  HERE IS THE SHOCKER…for the most part the they do!

My question is this?  How many would stay in the same areas of what we call most affluent and wealthy areas… knowing that the city is “top dog” for sexual predators?