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I couldn’t just “ignore” another blatant attack on another Educator… How much more will this nonsense continues?  Another  teacher in Philadelphia is knocked unconscious.  There is a break down in the morals and standards in this country!  And this is quite disturbing but seems to be more and more a reality for our teachers!

Pewu Johnson 68,  was a substitute teacher, at John Bartram High School told a female student to get off of a male students lap and told them it was inappropriate behavior. The male student told the man to get the F…out of his face… 

The male student then got up and grabbed the teacher and knocking him to the ground…  Leaving him with neck pain and a head injury!  


A poor choice is that he mouth off… but a terrible choice is that the little monster… decided he can hit another human being first, who happens to be 68-year-old and he could have broken his neck and or killed him! To my understanding more than one teacher has been attacked at this particular school!

Oh boy did this anger me! It’s as if now days teachers are suffering  lot of violent attacks EVEN IN CHICAGO!   I am starting to get a little disturbed with people are getting to be too desensitize … with this kind of nonsense.  

What in the world has gone wrong? As if getting jobs and education is difficult enough for trouble teens… but I am almost sure… If “America” isn’t careful we will have to pay more than more tax dollars re-parenting and restructuring all the madness that each Educator has to face…  Violence should never be a way of anyone’s life. Can  you imagine the difficulties that students must face each day to get a decent education?  I am sadden and a little dishearten with what we allow to exist among us without a fight…

 A hard reality is that some schools are no more than a battle ground and should be shut down!   More and more people are coming forward about dealing the violence in these schools….

This is more than “Urban” problem! School violence today is ending in murder and mayhem… We must put a end to negative, questionable behavior and add some structure with our children,  within our community, churches, and  homes…

I can’t believe how many are afraid to tell their children “NO”… They want to be the child’s friend.  And personally, I just can’t believe how much dumbing down parenting has come….

We must prune them when they are young… We can’t catch everything but we can at least do our part “especially” with the lack of parenting now days!