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Are you like me when it comes to the “filthiness” of just how low one can go?

Is it not amazing we almost have to kick doors down to pay for good education and have some level of respect left in this country. But pornography will be in fact the next”public” thing that they will say it’s okay to do.

As if we don’t have enough lusty perverts already!

But when people exploit themselves whether they have the body or not… I often wonder what in the world will you tell your children regarding the nonsense? Children are actually showing body parts on their phone and Internet…  What’s happening to our women?  

Why would any female especially  overweight women wear tight clothing? I don’t need to see anyone’s hail damage…Wear the right size clothing! Being sexy isn’t degrading yourselves! Lord I thought I would burst into tears when I see so many women who make this harder for us who try to carry ourselves with some sense of decency! Cat calling or not!

Pornography has subtle way of creeping into our world whether we like it or not. I have yet to see a man strip down to his bare nothings… I am really trying to understand why the mind-set of some of the females of the 21st Century… Some think cooking is the new microwave setting…Can’t sew a button on a sweater… barely understand raising children because they weren’t hardly raised themselves…

When the last time have you seen a gorgeous woman endorsing getting a great education or how about a library card?  I have seen some of the older women you wanted to respect posing in their underwear… Lets keep this all the way 100%… It’s all an illusion.  

You are not 60 years old with great full breasts… it’s call a good bra or you have had some kind of breast enhancements! Good genetics can help you but for real… Natural beauty in this country is shunned!  

Yes, I am for looking your best and feeling your best… But being made a fool out of … will cost us billions!

They are selling America on  pornography and plastic surgery,the marshmallow puffed faces and lips as if you went to rounds with Tommy Hearns.th (3)  Lets settle this once and for all …Te aging process will take things down a notch especially going south. Thank God for all the tools who supports keeping it north!

.The illusionist will present another side with loads of cost.  This will have to continue to maintain only the “image”…

 I personally, thought that getting  all this work done is to look natural not  the appearance that you have been a embalmed.

Get it!  When you are made to look half dead… how sex is it?   

Lord have mercy … underneath the facades are very low self-worth !  I would think that any husband would be a little angry that world see what should be kept private… Whether you have a great Brazilian wax… on reduced fine lines…What it in the world has the world come to. 

You’re right… I don’t watch neither do I purchase…God knows I don’t have to jealous of anyone… especially when I know who I am. All women are not looking like fake made up nothing in the body and the mind.

  I just might have the body to pull the stunt off as well…


Some stuff is just  garbage and never should have been made public… NO one is degrading themselves more than some of the females. Parading around for a man or woman who ever one prefers now days is just disgusting. Do we have to wonder why our girls eat crackers and cucumbers and weight 65 lbs and they are 5’4…

It’s so ridiculous!  If this is about getting a man or trade to swap you out or prostitute you… Internet porn is definitely the way to go!…

I would have to ask who wife’s down these kind of individuals?  When physically wealthy women would  be vying  for something greater than  positions in the nudity instead of advocating class… it’s nothing but trash! Making money off of being an exhibitionist.  What physical fitness does it takes to get everything sucked out of you… Hard work and endurance isn’t what they are selling!  It’s make up to ump degree!  

 I have no idea how much of reality are people really out of touch.  What man marries any female and is okay that she has prostituted herself out …bur a PIMP? Why are we really looking for a role model unless he or she is coming out of your house?  Another question… What kind of role model can one be gyrating … mimicking sex acts… and sliding down poles? Honestly, this serves what purpose?  I have to ask does this see who is going to get the better freak?

And what impression will she give our daughters?  Whether you are making money or not.  It’s a cry for help!  

Lets go a little bit further… many of them have no talent or can’t really sing! Adult entertainment! 

If I had small children, especially girls… I honestly wouldn’t know what to do besides keep them away from some of the garbage on television and in the media as much as I can.

When we as mature adults come into agreement with the filth that is coming out of this country… not many seems to have any problem with it.  I am often called too straight forward… but personally, I think Americans has  dumb down too so much garbage and do you have wonder why many of our young have the moral value of rocks!

I have to ask on my behalf…Please don’t introduce any more garbage to our children..