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As hilarious as this post might sound… It’s the truth… When I was growing up the one thing that I actually enjoyed was getting to read the “Cartoon” section or the Funny paper… and cutting coupons with my Mother.  

I know it doesn’t sound like much to some but it was something we traditionally did with her on Sunday evenings… while watching Sunday Classic Movie.

I might be telling my age… but I don’t care!

I still know   and respect the power of carrying coupons and I didn’t realize how sidity some people are and don’t believe in carrying coupons.  It’s “free” money that some people take for granted.  I remember my family  would almost fall out when I came with coupon envelope or that wallet.  Many of them would burst into laughter because they knew I just might have a coupon for it! I am still that way… The foolishness of throwing away the paper money is almost shocking… I kcl-cartoon-cashier-228x300understand now days they have all these new phone apps that give you coupons… same thing! 

 I am not so much sold on bargain shopping but sometimes that come with a lot. However, I do believe in bargain shopping as long as it with quality.  All because something is relatively cheap doesn’t mean it’s great quality which something I prefer.   I can wait for a sale … I am not an impulsive shopper either.  I learned when I was younger… wait it out if you have to. Yet, with all the economical stress you would think people take advantage of the paper money!  

I know that I have been  a great influence on many people who decide to shop along with me… with my paper money… no different boys and girls… With your new fancy “smart” cell phones that  use no paper but has to be smart for you because it doing the same thing… saving you money!