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I am praying for peace in Ferguson, Missouri… after the death Michael Brown.  I pray that we  be smart and quite confrontational about the injustices everywhere not just Ferguson. Racism and police brutality is nothing new in this country…yet, there is a better approach than more violence and bloodshed.  

 I don’t want to anyone to destroy their cities, bring more hurt and more unrest. If the grand jury decides to find the Police Officer not guilty of his actions. Missouri is told to prepare for the worst.

Gun sales are up 300% … and people choice of purchase if the 9 mm Smith and Wesson being sold off the shelves!  Sadly, people are preparing as we being invaded with aliens and going to war!

I also, pray that our President is prepared for the fallout or regardless what the decisions might be.  And we stand together to make sure no more senseless deaths like Micheal Brown continue to ensue this country!