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                   “DO  NOT DESPISE SMALL BEGINNINGS”…

Who was Otis?

Otis was a fictional character on the television show “Martin” with Martin Lawrence.  Otis was seemed to be a retired security guards…who marbles were loose in a jar… As one might say… five can short on a six-pack!  Otis looked for his victims.  Otis alway seem to attack people out of no where. No rhyme or reason… He just wanted to wrestle you to the floor!  

He openly tried to embarrass you and take you to the floor because he was in charge!  In fact Otis was always getting a new job as a security but it wasn’t long before they found out he was just nuts and always went to the extreme! If you think his character was hilarious… trying dealing with this mess first hand on a consistent basis…

One thing my some of my “Mentors and  the Mothers Of Zion”… taught me was how to stay in a low place. Meaning… don’t get so high and mighty and God has to knock you down to your size.  Many times I was the one who studied my lessons and knew the answers but wouldn’t raise me hand to share what I knew.  In college, more than ever I learned relatively quickly… just how far zealousness will make you hate another! You learn humbleness in this manner… just wait until they call on you!

There is always someone jealous of your silent power. When you have dealt with the kind of jealousy that I have experienced… You have no idea why people make excuses to have them aboard anything until there is a mental health evaluation in place. When someone who adores to power trip on just air has a serious problem…Many  are put in some dangerous situations  everyone isn’t going to be always nice nor welcoming to the ignorant committee.  

Unfortunately you are still trying to figure out why they are in your space  and in your face talking and fronting about absolutely nothing.  

Some people who suffer with poor and low self-esteem always seem to hang on to the hem of jealousy and envy and they use excessive force by “power tripping”…

I am not trying to have any Dr. Phil moments when you encounter such individuals. They desire leadership and power so terribly  without building character which always equal disaster… It’s all about self promoting power over NOTHING!

 And  another kind of sidebar… I am also known the power play of appearing humble… folding your hands as to appear angelic … This is not a sign of being humble… It’s what I see outside your “script”.

I can’t understand for the life of me …why many of them stay in certain positions… or obtain certain positions of authority. Muscling people isn’t a sign that you are tough. Muscling people mean you are a BULLY!

 I  can’t honestly comprehend why people juggling with these kind of individuals… I hope you know the reports and complaints will never be well! One’s perception might be they love their job… but the reality of the truth is that you are about a lawsuit or police visit a way!

I  knew a man who I have always called “HAMAN”…  Rude, he would stood tall, insulted God’s people, power tripping on NOTHING and  quite  MANIACAL AND EVIL  I might add…

Someone had given him permission to keep the people in line…   He wanted to the people to fear him… For the oddest reasons he would lie on me.. and he wanted me gone because he couldn’t antagonize me… Because I got right in his face with how much of the devil he had in him…  He thought he had a monopoly on who I was. I bothered him because I discern he wasn’t a nice person but very nasty and he thought he was a “MINISTER”…  Oh God…it got worse! 

I  didn’t have to say a word…. I played a good game of chess with  a checker player… I prayed and  I laughed at him.  He was exactly what I always known bullies to be… A whole lot of hot air, all bark and forget about a bite!

I  want you to know exactly who they are besides “ignorant and scary.  Scary people love to act tough so that way you can’t see just how much of  fear that they possess!

Haman was a apart of Queen Esther’s challenges before King Xerxes could open his eyes about his right hand man.  He abused power and had plans to dethrone the King and his marriage to Esther.

I often wondered as powerful as King Xerxes was how blind he was in another sense… He slept on a lot of things that came his way…including his own pride and ego! (Esther chapter 7)

How many times we have seen public leaders with the rude mob behind him or her? They lack serious interpersonal skills but I guarantee many of them might meet the same demise as Haman! You will meet someone who take the challenge! 

“There are some people who just might be talented… but it’s your gift that takes you to positions of power but it is your character that maintains you.”

There are some people you let be in charge of  something and abuse of power is inevitable.  How many times have you seen this even in leaders? Go some place and have a sit down! They will power trip over the silliest things.  

I recognize true power  when you don’t have show you muscles… they see it by they way that THE PEOPLE  act.  Often times people are your clues how intimidating you might be to them….  Another name for this foolishness is immaturity. Power in the wrong hands is dangerous already…but a FOOL…. WE GOT TROUBLES! I learned this as a child…

ROYALTY doesn’t have to announce one word or put on a show… People see it! 

I have never in my life…seen so many people who are  desperate for power even if it over an empty box. Unfortunately many of us are seeing more people like “Otis” because power structures are and have been “abused”.    

For example people would like to believe that they are connected to someone of power to make themselves look big… Okay!  More times than often it is ONLY PERCEPTION people are driven by!  

The reality is this… If people would remove the mask, relax and be what God has designed you to be… then we wouldn’t have to experience people like Otis…

But here is the question I have always pondered over? If Otis is was as nuts as he appeared to be… You have to wonder how stable was the person that hired him ? I am just saying!