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PERCEPTION…The process of translating in ones sensory thought necessarily incomplete, a mental image

PERPETRATE…A practical joke, hoax… to carry through, present, to do in a tasteless manner

If there was ever a need to speak out and speak up…IT IS NOW!

Can you imagine… our children, and their children left with cycle of being confused and befuddled with the snow jobs that has been mounting for centuries? Some  of the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we believe.  Change can actually come when you either step up to the plate of dealing with truth and  not running away from confrontation. We don’t have to confront everything but I know running isn’t always God’s  other option!  

Whatever solace that some people get when avoiding the truth the end results aren’t always that promising! Some people use “Jesus” as a way of not dealing with reality or being confrontational.

And what is a divine anger to the bone… Is when others use “Jesus” to get over on people, and make excuses for why situation or challenges are not dealt with.. In fear dread being truthful!

Unfortunately , the numbers don’t  lie people are getting tired of the fakes including in ministry!  Some people are just going through the motions of just existing or want the “perception” of wanting one to believe that  they know Christ!  

How many stories I could share when people use Jesus as a weapon of mass destruction? To manipulate and connive people has nothing to do with God at all!  

Ignorance is has taken on another dimension!  People stop sitting in your places of worship that use God as a drug or to manipulate people into being controlled! Quoting scriptures won’t get you out of being responsible… Satan knows bible… remember that!    

In fact he knows more bible  than Christians…If this isn’t so…by now more Believers would be walking in authority instead of manipulation.  God isn’t confused by what he has to say… Many are duped because they don’t believe… they trust whatever someone else is feeding them. Proper relationship has never started nor ended with a Pastor. It’s what is done behind closed doors that continues to flourish.  More than ever people use God only when its convenient for them instead of walking and living the daily lifestyle by annihilating the flesh which takes more than discipline but a desire!  

You want to see some hateful individuals try those who can’t get out of religion into relationship.  Their lives are a total script on what “they” believe ior what they perceive to be their “truth”.

 They apparently stop short of doing it God’s way when their behavior or actions are challenged.  In scriptures good works… are not signs of being in relationship with God. Works is just works… Dope dealers do works!  I have never seen so many people who “opt” on character, integrity, truth and love. As if it a disease to be loving instead of hateful.  Passing out a turkey to the needy doesn’t make you on God’s fav five list. This is one of the biggest deceptions in ministry!  

Okay, you have done your service but does it extends and pulsate from the veins of Christ?  People I am all for  good deeds…My point you can be evil to the core and feed the needy! It’s what you do for Christ that lasts! It’s what is done in the right heart that matters to God… not what one appears to be!

People do all kinds of things to bring self glory! If it wasn’t so… Why do many people advertise the services of God.  What should be shown whether they know you or not…

As Nike “motto” say… JUST DO IT!    

You get a general idea about the just how  genuine people really are…  People really don’t want to test exactly what is around them because they may find themselves alone.  So, they take anything and surround themselves with anything. Take away the trimmings of  thinking that they are important and take them low places you want always hear the complaints you see the complaints. Watch the body language when you say next time… GUARANTEED…YOU WILL SEE BAD ATTITUDES!

Now days the power of appearing like you are this  super deep nothing…Everyone wants to be a star even in ministry. Unfortunately many have missed the mark… We have to do better in serving God’s people instead of self-serving!

Others have a script about everything but what is supposed to be done decent and in order.  The most dangerous person you might encounter is one who perpetrates to know God and show signs of being quite evil!  Be wise… Perception and perpetrate know each other!