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Within the last few years it had heard  allegedly rumored that a famous actor was a serial rapist. And today women are coming out of the woodwork and claim that they had been sexually assaulted.  Women who keep quiet about being sexually assaulted are already dealing with the fact that they either trusted the person they kept company with and are too embarrassed to share the details of their attack…

Often times people have these unrealistic images of what they consider is a monster or what they identify as looking like  a criminal.  Ideally he or she  is never well-educated, a person of authority, married,  rich, or  good-looking.  

In our westernized customs people have prejudices about who is this or that. More than often why people feel deviants have this exempt system is beyond me! Remember jails are often homes to many well-educated and rich!

Rape is rape…I think what stuns many people is when someone shakes up from the comfort zones in our personal belief systems..People have fears about coming forward to tell their stories of being violated. Shame and embarrassment or the fear of not being believed. For some it might be that day for some many years! Who are we to question or judge?

There can be some slight signals that we miss often time with people was say we either respect , or love.  All because we love and respect them doesn’t mean they are not capable of committing crimes!

Let me share something… I know people are absolutely stunned or floored when they hear that someone they love is said to have done something heinous. God forbid let it be “rape”.  What world are you living in? Deviants are not required to give you full disclosure that first of all they are deviants!  How many times have I seen mothers say… My son or daughter wouldn’t do it… The prophet Jeremiah… had given us heads up,…DECEITFULLY  ABOVE ALL THINGS … The heart is DESPERATELY wicked who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9)

In other words often times we don’t know what’s in anyone!

I have heard the excuses from rapists before… “I can get anyone I want why rape”? I learned that rape wasn’t about sex it was about control…

Sidebar with some opinions in law enforcement… Have said to believe unfortunately  as sick as it sounds … When it’s a child it really is about sex. Americans love the “cotton candy”  mentality is alright… That is why a lot of people can’t digest the truth even if proof is represented. Who wants to believe that we have pedophiles in ministry and any other walk of life? Who wants to talk about a teacher being a child molester?  All of this kind of exposure rocks our worlds. Regardless of what a person violation is… pain is pain… It takes boldness to come forward with the truth no matter when you decide to tell it!

We must come out of the comfort zones and expose who these deviants are because it put too many at risk ! One might say… we can be blinded the light…Who is say we can’t be blinded by darkness?