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In my early days of ministry. I can recall when a church assistant Pastor  was looking for someone to assist him in  the church with some ministries.   He and I had been talking back and forth over a month  because the church was growing tremendously and they wanted to build their prayer, women and youth ministry.

He had offered me the position and the Senior Pastor and wanted him  to share more details about the church with me.  I had heard of the great work of this large church… feeding the homeless… and serving the community which is something I believe in …if you are in ministry.

We said one particular afternoon he would be in my area  and stop by with some materials and so forth . I agreed  he can come to my  house and we can go to lunch and see what the church need and so on.  

Well, when he got there he had re-introduced himself…But something  in me went off like a bell… As he begin to talk… I saw too many twinkles before we can get going.

I  started to get a little uncomfortable…  And I had taken the material and told him on second thought… “Let me see what’s going on and I will get back to him”… Keep in mind… he use to be  “Professional Athlete”.. so he stood at least 6″7 feet tall a solid 250 lbs .

As I begin to walk him to the doorway…The man started getting a little strange. I just wanted him to go….and he asked me the oddest question…

Do I want to wrestle? I can feel the heat rising in my face!  I asked him what did he mean?   He wanted to have  sex on my living room floor…I couldn’t believe what he asked….

I got so furious and I gave him a look  as if I would attack him … As small as I was the man had no idea what I was going to do next and I don’t care what he saw?  He feared for what was coming next and left abruptly!  It was at this point  it dawned on me what just happened…I could have been hurt… abused or murdered. Who knows?

 It was after I saw him leave… I had a moment… and had to get myself together. I did alarm others what had occurred.   I know not to ever do that again! I don’t let everyone come to house male or female because people can have some dark sides.

It could have ended terribly. He was a married Pastor and that meant what to him?  People are too busy trying to find a reason why a person or they wouldn’t instead of listening and supporting what others say that they may have experienced even if they are the victims.  People like to ask questions and I also understand that people will lie from either side. . But what about when someone say that they have raped or abused by someone? Quickly people go into what they think happened or the person must be lying!  There is this “stupid” checklist in their minds!

We don’t always know people like we think we do or what they might be capable of. I have seen some very evil individuals who ! And what is shocking is when you find out there are dark secrets about them.  I wanted to say this… When people have been victimized already they don’t need anyone to do it to them again!  

The assistant Pastor wanted some hanky- panky and  was well spoken of among his colleagues everyone loved him except me! He got to my house and he turned into a total freak and there was a serious dark side!  

What is it that makes us go blind when should open up our eyes? Is it the pain that we missed it or the fact that we trusted the wrong people and never saw it coming.  

This was a huge lesson for me… because this could have ended tragically!  I refrain from judging people until you put yourself in a position to be judged. 

In all honesty… I already know what exactly what category I would be placed if he had of  decided to go further. Unfortunately we place people, places and things higher than we should only to come to grip is that it will end either disappointed, hurt, abused or embarrassment.  

It was only God’s grace that protected me from not  being attacked in the moment. It taught me a valuable lesson. I don’t trust everything and everybody that much greater!   We would like to think people always mean well but guess what?… Often times than many we need to maintain a boundary even if you believe that this person wont hurt you.  

And to keep ourselves safe sometimes we need to take some personal inventory about what surround our lives with  including our so called friends and family!  

Just from some heart felt experiences… we need to be careful of always being a gullible state by opening up our private lives to people who  you believe you can trust. How many heartbroken over that alone? And when you  are desperate individuals love a crowd to not feel being alone so they befriend anything!

 Many always claim that  we are all brothers and sisters… I strongly disagree.. to a point…Everybody isn’t apart of my family …Even God has a limit!

Our children and people are often violated by someone they thought they could trust. That speaks volumes!

Biologically someone might have blood relations of being a brother or sister but doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they care for you as.If it wasn’t so there would be no adoption. People love to feel connected but connected to what is what I ask?

 Meaning  someone might be  your blood relative  doesn’t mean that they love you if they are abusive. I believe in ridding of the dysfunction instead of inbreeding them.  If a person is vile an evil doesn’t mean all because they related or connected to  you doesn’t make them less evil!

Do you follow me?  The same in typical and general relationships! 

People always seem to ride the lines of drawing conclusion,  and overlooking the truth its less painful for the present but deadly in the future…  especially when they have missed the total picture! Why are so many wont  take heed to the truth but instead grasp the lies? Ignoring the truth wont make it any less truthful no more than you telling lies to yourself to feed the fantasy! How sad it must be finally wanting to disclose the truth and the very ones that needs to pay attention are not persecuting you! This happens every day someone comes forth to tell what another has done. God forbid if he or she is famous.  When the mind is deviant it is without prejudice…Remember that!