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In all honesty  I said it publicly that  Mr. Rice will play again  “even” if he had of  “cracked his wife” dome open he wasn’t going to endure any hardships or stiff penalties!  It was the oldest game in the book let it all die down… and he resurfaces with the victory he never quite loss.

There will be loads of the family business on front street and she stand by  her man even if it kills her!

All the while people were  criticizing and analyzing their family dynamics did what?  I kept my stand… I stayed out of the family business…she wasn’t going to leave so…what’s all the fuss?

I saw the real “game” being played…    Unfortunately this sends the wrong message….Let’s  see how many will “boycott” the NFL…

Are you really surprised with how the “Ray  Rice situation has turned out ?  He is free to play again!