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Absalom…Was King’s David…third son.  Remarkably had all the charming good looks… but wanted everything his father had. The worst case of  narcissism, mental illness, selfishness, wickedness, a bully   and not to mention REBELLIOUS!

 He  did everything his power to destroy his father even created a spirit of division among the  people of Israel…His father couldn’t handle that his son was this wicked but he never was reflective to look at himself for where the behavior started… He never wanted to believe rebellion was  being birth through his son…REALLY?

But I only want  to  deal with one characteristic with the spirit of  Absalom …REBELLIOUS ( 2 Samuel  Chapters 13-15)

It’s  always that one person that can spot that hairline trigger and the crowd goes wild… once the truth is being exposed!

How much controversial can the truth be?  I learned this so quickly growing up…

“People will nurture a lie even if it had no sides”

What did Mr. Pharrell say  that wasn’t the truth and that warrants him to be  called a sell-out …I understood clearly what he meant… and this is being taking so far out context

What’s your definition of a sell-out?th (2)

Sell-outs are people who are not being honest about the cause while pretending to be for a cause…and selling lies!

Does being a sell-out means you have go along to get along …all because everyone is singing the same song?  Where is the wisdom in that?

Just like King David…many can’t grasp that is what is coming out of my house and before trouble starts lets for-see coming danger!

Racism is definitely alive and well!   And it is what it is …and how many are in agreement cowardly in silence with it no matter what race you are?

What are  the excuses for racism even if certain words are exchanged where do you stand?

1) I am not a racist…I just surround myself with people who are

2) I am not a racist…I just married one

3) Words are exchanged about any race but I didn’t  say it,..I just entertained it by not addressing it.

Yet, I am not on the bandwagon…always calling a “personal foul”.   People are looking for excuses to be angry and to destroy things all in the name of what one might think is unjust.  

You know what?… I have come to the understanding that rules are different when it comes to certain people or certain status”.  Wrong is wrong!

Get real …What’s in a heart of person will be revealed! Injustices are done on a daily from everything we do from the church house to the White House…  

1)Where are the protest  on the continued molestation of the children in church? Yep… and then a hush went across the room!  

2) Where  are the protest  on the continued prejudices  and the criminals that run a muck within the walls of the church and labeled themselves as Christians?…Yep Yep…

3) When does being wealthy  you are exempt one from going to jail, be investigated or being thought of as a rapist? Say Amen Somebody!

Who said that black  and brown  folks aren’t racist….Lied

I have experienced more racism, prejudices  and a level of hatred among more racial terrorists during my “middle age” more than ever…

I am not black enough,I am not white enough…. Just Miss Taco Bell… and I want you to know white people aren’t calling me these names I am speaking within my cultures.

I am not going to be quiet when I am “especially ” attacked among women!

What is so hard to believe that mixed race or , bi-racial, we are often made choose a side. If not…sell out comes into play!

How can I choose a side this is  my genetic make up?…

The truth is I have to face this alone many times right in the front or with subtle action among certain people.  People fear talking about racism. It’s never left the church,  your homes, your places of employment and so on…

And many wont address it …in  fear someone will be scolded for telling the truth about the  ugly side of this coin called racism even when racism is among your own!

I have seen  other Afro Americans butcher someone of a lighter complexion… and don’t get me started about the craziness  with the hair thing!  Lord Help!

I have seen so-called wanna be radical people look the other way…  I have seen people pretend to like certain races…until  the “trigger”  is exposed.  

 I speak the “KING”S ENGLISH” and have been told I wasn’t black anyway!   You will always be sell-out when you don’t go along with the ignorance and the personal madness…

NO one said a word about Micheal Brown parents inciting a riot… The excuse…they were emotional…Okay!  It’s the double talking that I am disturbed with … When we will separate truth from fiction.

 Yet when Mr. Pharrell spoke the truth… he is then called a sell out…COME ON REALLY?….

The  real sell out are the ones that play the race card!  Lies are lies AND THE TRUTH no one seem to care about it.  

It’s amazing when wrong is done among our own…its never lived up to being racism… Blacks and Browns can also be racist!  Say this to yourselves!

The  real sell out are the ones who never seem to take responsibility for being  a race baiter and instigating more madness! The real sell-out are those who continue to lie about the double standards when it comes to what one defines as racist and what is criminal behavior.  

No one deserves to die unjustly by the hands of the police or otherwise. Life is valuable regardless of what race you are! Sometimes confronting things before they get out of hand maybe one way of looking at it! As much as we would like to make this a “media circus”…hypocrisy is all about this situation! th (3)

We got to learn  to be wise about all the information given before making a final assessment and  get a clear understanding of what a sell out is !