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Let me be the first to say…

Jesus don’t condone anyone who abuse their spouses…

Marriage doesn’t mean your face and is the poster child for EVERLAST       th (4)

Jesus don’t need half of your grill missing(teeth) to share your TESTIMONY of how you BECAME A DOORMAT!  

The only message in being a fool is when you learn how not to be one!  

Another lie…that people use…God doesn’t need use a bad situation to teach you a great situation…He simply turns our mess into MESSAGE!  God doesn’t condone anyone hurting, abusing mentally, spiritually, physically, maiming, and  killing his people!

Some churches better stop enabling it’s abusers…stop lying on God! People go to church but stop leaving your brain!

Jesus don’t counsel demons…he cast them out! 

For all of you who tell the others to stay in abusive relationship…What do you say when you have to bury them? What can you share if the devil is knocking you down on  your back instead of you laying willing prostrate before God in prayer?  Ignorance is working its magic on the mind of so-called Believers!… God doesn’t leave you ignorant especially when it comes to him! 

For all of you who say you stay for the children…the children often  wish you wouldn’t!   Men or women make excuses why they stay…death doesn’t have to be your final answer.

Domestic violence diminishes the King and Queen inside of you! What dreams can God accomplish if anyone  is told to stay within something that brings the family to its knees? Your dream will be buried with you …when you stay!

Domestic violence doesn’t give God glory but breaks his heart! If you stay there is NO TESTIMONY BUT QUICK A OBITUARY!