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How odd?

People don’t get angry until it happens to them!  You go through, all the human emotions of feeling betrayed..,Oh yeah,.. I have been here and doesn’t feel so good.  Nothing will sting you more or bring you to your knees  knowing  you are  standing for the truth and people who are suppose  look after you or cover you…DO NOTHING OR REMAIN SILENT WHEN THEY  SHOULD RENT OR LEASE A SPINE!

You know… when you arrive  the rules  THEY HAVE IN PLACE only apply to you while others seem to get away! 

 I didn’t see it…let it die down…get the room OR area calm…She will get over it…What hypocrites!  

Get the picture?… What it feels like to see injustice …it’s in your face…on the camera…the truth right in front of you…And excuses are made…THAT UNNERVES YOU!

The more they lie the more angry you get! Isn’t it funny how when one is faced with a serious matter…all the while thinking it can never happen to them…IT HAPPENS!  

Many protest … and injustices didn’t start with the Grand Jury in Ferguson, New York, Ohio and Chicago…Looking the other way has always been a serious problem  in this country…

Mistreatment of others  have been going on for years! Many look the other way… and pray it all go away! REALLY?

What pains the heart even more when what you are going through means nothing to them! Yep…they say they care but the action speaks LOUDER…

What am I saying?

In today’s society all the truth can be right before  A PERSON….and the lies will be bought no matter WHAT!

It’s so easy “harping” about what should be done…or what could have been done…So, I ask even in your place of employment, organizations, your social clubs, or places of worship…Where you like the “grand jury” in Ferguson and New York?  

Did you have proof of someone wrong someone and you did what they did…MADE THEM FEEL AS IF IT DIDN’T MATTER…FED YOURSELF THE LIE…It’s not that bad!

You see, I see the hypocrisy every where I go including all the made up rules for the wrong people….they LIKE… As many are ill over how certain lives  are none important…Next time…make sure you don’t be judge, jury and executioner…on matters in your lives!

The change for the better can start with each one of us…  Here is just “one” teachable moment…