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ARISTOTLE SAID….”A tyrant puts on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensively of illegal treatment from a ruler they consider god-fearing and pious.

And on the other hand they are less-likely to move against him, believing he has the gods on his side.  Most tyrants are demagogues who gains the trust of the people by slandering noble persons”

If you  are super sensitive… this isn’t the post for you!


Too many times it arrives here but end someplace else…

Honestly at the end of the day…after the “hype” of the protesting…. Will anyone get to the “Federal Steps”… and say peaceful protest?…

I have seen enough “police brutality”  cases to know… it always kicks into “High” gear… media blitz and then Nothing!

The Civil Rights Movement… meant more than just a moment… It was “monumental” in more ways than one…IT IS APART OF HISTORY!  

I can recall some years ago…When a very prominent minister who was apart of the Civil Rights Movement strongly and  a very good friend of Dr. King…shared something that I didn’t hear a lot of …And that was the TRUTH!

People always trying to put their spin on this and that knowing it wasn’t all that simple!

…No offense to anyone… I  had to learn the truth and study the history  for myself instead of what others misconception of what the Civil Rights Movement really was all about!

What agitate my spirit more than anything…That people are always hype for a minute…When the seriousness really come forth… I want to see what’s left. I am not a novice at any of this. I am just waiting for the people to collect themselves and the separation of what is real will disassociate themselves and reassemble for the next step!

Sensationalism and Opportunists… play on  the heart-strings of the very weak…during times of distress in this country. Always a known fact!

 The true learning tool for myself was that I watched and heard  people who were sincerely about the movement… And this one particular minister   spoken from his “own”  lips one Sunday morning.  

“That he would participate in some of the marches when Dr. Martin Luther King… would come to his city. He loved “Martin”.

Yet, he revealed  openly and publicly  “he saw” the mess behind Martin. And often times… he said  as much as he wanted to do a lot things…

“God steered him in another direction with “Wisdom”. He also stated that many “hated” him because he discern many other “agendas” during King’s marches…He had to remain with his character and integrity stay focus and move away from what he called “trouble” and the devil’s distractions”

th (2)No doubt… Coretta King had disassociate and distanced  herself to some degree as well to make some wise decisions!

 It’s funny… I was always interested in her perspective. Everyone always  has something to say negatively about her… They “called” Coretta King “cold and very aloof”  But I soon learned why she was smarter than most believe and kept her sanity… God rest her soul…she went through HELL!

As I learned more about different leaders during the movement. I had become  more interested in her first  not her husband. Her posture” spoke” volumes… and  told me a lot.

 I say…she saw and experienced a lot of distress and private pain during King’s reign during the times of the Civil Rights Movement. People get terribly offended when  someone has another  truth to the insight that many fail to look at.

Dr. King for some  is no more than a  fantasy at best of being the perfect leader. Leaders today don’t  even understand the dynamics of what he was too achieved during this time.  Many ride out on his name not knowing what all roads in the end lead to.

 Like any man he had many  distractions and sometimes it was  within his personal entourage. What became impressive with me… was the fact that someone loved him “sincerely” to say to watch out …and call it out! 

 That has stayed with me for years and that also let me go and do my “own” studying on what exactly went on during these times.  Think about this…

Who shared the  distraction, manipulations of pitfalls of the Civil Rights Movement?

As much as we like to act as if… we are singing “Kumbya” Many see opportunity …to add gasoline to the fire!  A lot of noise at best. We have to hit this from all sides …not just demonstrations but administration.

Each future generation may have some know how… but weaker! No matter how the younger generation is supposed to carry the torch…

The Elders really need to be armed with THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER and share some wisdom about what this is really going to take!

And let me honest and be the first to say… I am afraid of what the future leaders are going to represent . Surely I wouldn’t want anyone armed with only cotton side of these very serious situation they might be a bit wiser, have social media but it really is  who endures!

I commend everyone on their heart-felt efforts in sincerity but here is the downside…on what I see… Emotions are on steroids right now…But it’s after the storm that  is going to matter the most! Meaning… it has to  go  to another level for it all to work!  

The real hard work has never been simple.  After the storms die down … The  process then begins with getting some people who know what to do after there are no cameras. no media, no more hype!   We are at this door yet, again… to push for change. We had the protests not lets push for policies!