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This poisonous emotion has  infiltrated this nation in all arenas of life.

If you don’t’ think so… Look at how  envious and cruel people come toward one another… based on race, culture, looks, careers… and the list is endless…Some will kill out of jealousy!

I don’t keep quiet about what my challenges are especially in Christianity…SERIOUSLY…

You want to see some hateful, merciless, and cut throat people…

1)Go to church

2)Get into politics

3)Corporate America  

As we begin to grow in life experiences…people like myself had a somewhat sheltered lives and then life threw me one curve ball after the other which expose you to all the baits of satan. So that level of maturity kicks in faster and so does wisdom.  

On the  real, I am not that trusting of people and I don’t buy easily into anything. I take my time and do my “own” homework…It’s in us to lie, whether its’ in our stand, our speech or just merely who some  people really are.  

“I know that people are “broken” and they are tired of hearing the lies and living them”.

 One thing that has been more than a challenge is dealing with people who are jealous.  Along with jealousy comes envy they are twins…Which then  stems  controlling,  manipulation and sometimes dangling hatred!

Never in my life have I seen so many people vying for power greed, and money. Egos are as high as the sky and all they have on their minds is SELF.  

Jealousy breeds off of selfishness!  If person can hinder another person by lying, or eluding  the truth… the green eyed monster is the picture some place. Jealousy is alway related to greed!

The saying is… A JEALOUS PERSON IS BETTER THAN THE FBI. If there is no dirt… they collectively will find all the other haters and make up lies as they go!

 I have had my share of  experiences with some of the most hateful  and jealous people on the planet!

I share that my mother died very young and it might sound strange but it was like she knew she would die young . Therefore, she poured a lot into me especially when it came to character because she knew what the world  would do to me or what I might do to myself … If she didn’t prepare me.

I  was a child that was never smitten with all the “sweet talk”… because I could always discern when there were other rumbles in people’s character. Some call it the “Sixth Sense”.  

Jealousy is a spirit that has come against me just about all my life even within my own family dynamics. The women were just awful!

 Both my parents were strong people. My mother, was my honestly  my sole protector even she couldn’t get a range why I had to deal with people who were so jealous!

I tell the hatred I experienced with my mother  “own” mother who hate me because of my race and she was full of jealousy! I was the outsider… and technically still is in more ways than one!  I keep it no secret I was more than above average in anything I put my hands on or my mind to.

Yet, the dark side of a  spirit of deep-rooted  jealousy has attacked me… even within the confines of ministry.  This is a dangerous emotion that anyone  should ever juggle with.  

Chicago is so definitely pumped with what one might call competitiveness… Or is it? 

 The world is full of jealousy and along side with cold hearts and … with people who don’t give a rat’s behind… on stepping on people for an opportunity.

I thought I had arrived in another land. And God help us… if you know who you are and know your business… Get ready… the “green-eyed” monsters… are everywhere!  It’s a sad day in America… when no one can  respect each other for what they present in this world.  

Competitiveness is one thing and  jealousy is another. Why Christians dabble on the craziness is beyond me…What are you really competing for?.. If is all about God’s business…

We know it’s not… RIGHT!  I am here to tell you… they ride out on it!  Pastor against Pastors, church against church… Leaders against leaders. I have seen leaders block the progression of others thinking they might excel! 

From sitting next to the Pastor or holding his darn juice bottle…From talking about the First Lady to imitating her because they are not her! 

People like this are always your most CONFUSED ADMIRERS… THEY HATE YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT  YOU!



Jealousy mounts these kind of individuals  like a cheap banjo! As  stupid as it sounds… just observe!  

The sheer abundance of maturity and the footing of knowing that they are nuts… is what chokes the life out of  the posture of jealousy but not the root of the spirit!

Ignoring the foolishness is only one initial step. Deep rooted people with jealousy will come with all they got to rid of you… including lies and gossip!  Honestly this is what tears down the church.  Many are ignorant to satan devices… The ability to get in folks head and create division!

Simply knowing when it’s your turn!  I don’t care how people put their spin on the nonsense.  Breathe!  We are all made in the image of God!   What you might have to offer will bleed out you don’t have to maim, hurt, abuse or even kill to get what you want!  

Deep rooted jealous people will plot against you in contrast to what you might believe that it will work itself out…

You need to stay away from deep-rooted jealousy whether you r are the person or on the receiving end …

If Cain was the first human born and first to have a spirit of jealousy.  He slew his own brother Abel out anger and jealousy… (Genesis 4) All because God honored him because of having the proper offering…It might sound silly but people will “trip out and flip out” over the dumbest things!

When you are dealing with people who can’t seem to get a range on their deep-rooted  jealousy what do you think you got coming?