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I come from of lineage Seers,  Healers, Ministers and Musicians , powerful men and women who were prayer warriors. My Great Grandfather  was a strong praying man who knew about the supernatural and wasn’t fearful of speaking about it. He didn’t care if people  thought he was crazy or misunderstood him People were afraid of him because of the power he possessed that they had no knowledge of. Generally people tend to be leery and persecute  others who may walk in the power of God because they don’t have it! 

People are still afraid of signs and wonders although Jesus walked in dunamis power! Yet, they say they believe? As much as many talk about being in relationship with God there is no evidence that God exists in their lives through their witness, character and  many lack plain common sense. 

My Great Grand Pa…was called  for just about anything…Whenever a  bad storm was coming he was call  to pray in the winds. As strange as many think it was… It wasn’t strange  for those whose farms and homes that were spared. The sick were healed and recovered!.  He was a friend of God!

Today it is look upon as it’s all a game… most of their gospel is watered down and they act like it…Most people think that religion is the way to go… But its the relationship with God that makes the difference!  

My God brings life, and love! When people say that they have been praying or before God I can tell that many haven’t. You cannot be in the presence of God and stay the same. People of prayer mature in God. They don’t have to fake it to the make it…

This mindset isn’t a concept of God although, I hear many speak in this manner. Faking is perpetrating… God isn’t interested in cheap imitations. Either you have it or you don’t. Until you see it… Simply confess it until it manifests! When people see “Miracles” its’ always associated with  some magic trick as if it is apart of a game! 

All the garbage and the shenanigans  we see today  is  unfortunately based on an emotional farce!  God still answers prayers and signs and wonders still exist! People have made things so difficult…and its simple especially when you understand some of God’s love.

I don’t  think anyone can fully comprehend everything about God’s love especially his mercy! So much ignorance in teaching prayer and the etiquettes of prayer….

A broken spirit God doesn’t despise!  Prayer isn’t always screaming like you are having a fit…God isn’t deaf and neither is he nervous for that commanding prayer! Yes, anyone can intercede but many don’t have the anointing  for being a intercessor!  

And be wise enough to know DO NOT ALLOW  everyone pray over you! Ignorance is running a muck in any religion there is a way to touch heaven and you will be surprised just many walk in total nonsense when it comes to prayer.

Sadly, many lack etiquettes when it comes to God and many hinder their own prayers…. with doubt and unbelief.  To know God is to experience him… Sadly many can’t explain God but they put their spin on how it goes with him… and  I am here to say… a lot of them lie and make too complicated.  

Learn to pray for yourselves and pray in faith. You don’t need a lot. As your prayer life grows so do you and your expectations… More importantly when you stand in proxy for someone else you  gets God’s attention…

For example… Sometimes when you might be the one in need of healing… Pray for someone else first then…yourself…God moves immediately! Intercession is selfless… It’s not about showing off… show boating with your fancy words and hermeneutics as if they are all about the business of God. People who are about God’s business doesn’t need “audience” participation!  

Guess what?  Some people give off bad vibes and your spirit might not connect with theirs. Please that is something you don’t ignore  although you don’t want to embarrass  them… Don’t ever allow messy individuals to lay hands on you there is a way to send them off, spirits are transferable …POLITELY TELL them  NOT TO TOUCH YOU!

Just like in Days of Christ walk the earth… There were always the ones that tries to impress the people and have absolutely no once of power, they want you to think that they do. The theatrics of some are almost hilarious and a hoax! We still have a church full of charlatans…the devil know the bible…Yet, he doesn’t possess the presence of God!  

Careful with no life of consecration…Demonic people are strategically placed on the front lines to hinder God … Always remember that! 

Often times people from the “outside” can sometimes see more than you! As simple as a child you can go to God and make your request knowns. All the gibberish in the name of God doesn’t amount to anything!

Ask God first by thanking for the opportunity… pray the word of God you can never go wrong. In other words… Find a verse that supports what your need is. For healing… By his stripes I am heal… God is personal! You don’t have to sound like you have all together just simply speak to him with respect and pour your heart to him…. He will listen and he will answer… Believe!