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People can form opinions of this or that…or  wont read this” Blog” because it’s not “your” norm… Well, I am not your “norm”.  That doesn’t bother me in the least. If I  have reached one I have reached millions! Just like your appendages they belong only to you! I have come from among them to be separated!

It’s time we just let go of the ignorance that short change this country, our homes, our families,places of worship,   communities and so on… I don’t care what country you are living in… what religion you believe in… But I hope and pray that we can learn to exercise some “wisdom… and a little bit of grace and mercy towards others that doesn’t fit our everyday norm!  

What does it take to give one-act of  love, kindness and prayers.  What was done to those children in Pakistan…was absolutely horrible! I am amazed that people let things dissect them from being just a mere mortal. It’s that God thing again… Until you walk through pools of blood to find your child that can bring you into a mental breakdown!

 If this had have been our children…this country would be singing God Bless America… God is universal!  It’s almost hilarious to even believe that one organized religion, church, sect or whatever you think you are… To believe you have a monopoly on God!

No one can imagine to walk in the shadows of death… to go see if your child is mutilated, murdered or abused in any fashion would devastate any parent…Part-DEL-Del6379129-1-1-0

Trouble and more trouble is coming to this country… and don’t you dare believe it’s going to just get better  why Americans look the other way! Stand up for something… What a loss to see the lost of lives senseless to people who believe in something vile and evil…

Pray for Pakistan today please!