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You want to hear something odd?

I  use to work for a major insurance company here in Chicago. I work directly with both bosses. Each night before,  I would prep for my dinner depending on what it was the night before.  I would get up early to work out get myself together to catch my train. I  would  then arrive to  work a half hour early to settle in make the coffee and read the paper!

Before I leave each day I would keep the office clean so that when I would return everything was in order for the next day…Sounds like a lot but it wasn’t for me because I wanted the order.

Unfortunately,  people would get jealous because, there were  no  hidden agendas.  I called myself making life somewhat easier on the three of us because we had to do the business and people weren’t alway that nice.

People  would always try to get  in my ears..  Telling me  that I shouldn’t do anything extra because I didn’t have the friendliest bosses.. and they deserve me working for them... I wouldn’t complain because every person that I have ever worked for… did a great job taking care of me when I was off the clock. I got along with them just  fine… When it comes to me today people still  miss the lesson in the extra mile is more about me than them…  maintain  keeping the order keeps a pleasant atmosphere to do business! 

In all honesty I don’t have to smooth furs, kiss tail or waiting for someone to affirm me. I sow the seeds of what is to be built in my house.  

I didn’t do anything that is taking me out of my element  to   just be thoughtful to the next person … this is what was instilled in my character to grow. How one responds is never on me. God rewards me whether or not anyone recognize my acts of being kind! I learned immediately…for some people it’s hard for them to be humble. Showing love is  some kind of weakness… but oh no!  Its show how dysfunctional many people are… People do things for  show but this is who I am! This  keeps me in perfect peace with myself!

I didn’t exactly come from a militant home. My mom wasn’t about that slacking and procrastination. Get up and get it together! And she was never  one to repeat herself! She was the parent not the other way around!

I am still that way today,  I like things decent and in order. I tend to clash with people who can’t seem to respect order! And in recent years…  I don’t even bother picking and choosing which battle I will fight… I have become seasoned enough to know when to remain quiet and then there is a time you have to be confrontational! My point is this… As much education, and employment needed in this country we still have those “selective” few that will never be satisfied.   You can’t do enough, give enough, they have something to complain about.

I had this conversation with a young lady who is school teacher. She had this booklet they had to work on after a workshop two weeks ago and had to have her assessments in. She apparently waited to the last minute to turn her assessment in.

After just receiving another pay raise… I’d asked…and I hate I did… What was the homework for?… Oh sweet God…she went there!  I can’t believe they can’t hire people to do this. I simply replied” Well, seems like to me that the best assessment should come from those who are up close and personal… And  then it whirled… “THAT IS NOT IN MY JOB DESCRIPTION”…


I had hit a nerve… She was telling me off in her own “little way”…  And then I responded…  ” Thank God, you got a job…it’s a simple book …reading, writing and arithmetic”. She seem to be too lazy to do any of the above.   These are personal answers and she was too lazy to read?  

I  knew then…Homeschooling is looking more prevalent than ever for the future…

Why? This is one of those  teachers that wont teach our young…to go the extra mile but cut corners to get by. Her attitude alone infuriated me because what does it take to go a little extra mile or was it? She did just get a pay increase! Wow!

My attitude has opened many doors for me not because of always my skills!  It is my character that maintains me for any title or position!  I have been favored with other experiences because I treat someone else’s things, business, ministries, anything…with respect as if it was my own. People today treat their own with great sloppiness … So you have to wonder!

Ironically… people actually get upset when you can think for yourself and affirm others while you are doing it.

 Misery does love company but  I can’t give it to them!!! I can’t afford to allow people to drain me of my joy with their foolishness and negativity!

How many of us have experienced the chronic complainers? Always seem to want something for nothing…and many of them are just  spoiled brats who are just LAZY!

I am one that will … I observe for myself.  I don’t need personal babysitters to encourage me to stay in   a posture of  being lazy whether it is mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

 I find fault not only with the individuals that have the behavior problem but others who never allow others to grow up and face responsibility.

Some people “egos” are on high… just knowing they haven’t weaned these kinds of people off! This is also keep enablers from looking at what is lacking in their lives, so they the complainers on as means of just saying…”they come from this place or that place”… and can’t a days work out of them in one year!

Being  an enabler or co-dependent with individuals never teach them to grow but be breast fed on all their negative energy and allow them never to transform them into anything but rebellious cry babies! 


Lets keep it real? There are those who have great employment, great families, great spouses and complain about everything! The bottom  line is still goes back to “SELFISHNESS”. They are really manipulators!

I can easily tell when they are” trouble souls” usually people who are messy in character… don’t know how to receive acts of kindness without complaining or they are always suspicious of others because they know what they are about …

What you do for them it’s never ENOUGH… AND ALL ABOUT THEM!

Ask them to do what they are being paid to do and they just lose it! They are such control freaks they can’t seem to follow any rules and regulations but their own.

Many people are on more welfare than you think not because they didn’t visit the public aid office… Many of them get free paychecks for doing nothing… Some people seems to keep them employed as for myself.. They have to go! 

 When someone is  hired to do  a job… you are supposed to do it.

For example and this grates my nerves…

I know a man who brags about not missing a day of work in over 20 years and he works in the court system…  He “actually” get dressed up wear the finest clothes..to play cards all day long.

If I was on the Las Vegas strip, I think it would be quite easy seemingly you wont work!  

And to see what he does at home is almost just as  shocking! He does nothing there either…Nothing but complain!… If you allow  him tell it,  he is a great provider… Lord have mercy!  

This is apart of the mentality that I am challenged with CONSIDERABLY…SPOILED BRATS! 

They think they are God’s greatest gift to the world. All they know how to do is draw you in on their theatrics. After then  you will get nothing in return but complaining and more attitude.  What do they care they have had sponsors! Someone who didn’t stop the craziness! They have never did anything but “jaw jack” and seem to do everything BUTut work…

Talk about immaturity! I will be so glad when people start nipping this nonsense in the bud. Often times when they go someplace and you hear all these glorious things… and only to find out they don’t have the skills to do anything but complain. You look at who employed them,,, call the person this super worker… and the balloon pops and the reality sits in… Not only have they been spoiled do nothing…. what you call real work and what they call work is different!  I don’t deal with complainers… they will drain the life out of any situation is given. You can’t go on perception but what is placed before you in all it’s wonders!

Complaining will rob you of one of the most important ingredients to a challenging life… Its called… being THANKFUL!