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In light of the Sony situations, actors who are accused of rape and molestations and so forth… Here comes damage control!

Lets call this person to get the “black people straight”.  Lets  call “certain”  reporters and news stations… they  might display a more human side… instead of tales of the dark side.

How many have talked, lied and made racial remarks about someone? It’s all a game simple as that! Humans go through these gambit of emotions on why not come clean because it a false sense of security of not exposing the dark sides of people!

People put on these fronts in your face and behind your back you are every name in the book.Some come whirling with fake compliments… and those stab you in the back hugs!  Get away from me with me all that!

Now, the phony part about all of this is what? You can say you sorry until you are blue in face… Why apologize if this is what you feel about someone? Yes, embarrassing but it’s also not sincere you are going through the motions so you wont look like an idiot!

You got caught…You are sorry because your monsters have been exposed! Personally, what irritates me…I wasn’t important enough for you to think the better of me before you were exposed…and now I didn’t mean it all of a sudden. Yes, you meant every text, email, every demonic gesture behind another’s back… How many times have I seen and heard this load of manure? I just cut through all the junk! You are out there! You can get Jesus and all the twelve disciples… It’s not going to change the fact you got CAUGHT UP!

We all have said something out of emotions and you didn’t mean it! I am not excusing when someone does something and call it a mistake and then apologizes especially when it’s with great intent and they meant every word!

Personally I don’t believe the apology is ever sincere especially when  you are just got caught up! When you purposely attack the character, mean spirited, the race or otherwise. I am to believe you meant every word of it. How can you say you love me when there  is abuse? I am not confused! Yet, many allow people to water down their  better judgment! 

When someone has wronged me… and they finally get up the nerve to apologize I really don’t care about it. Whether its 20 months later or a year. I can’t give you that kind of  power over me. You meant it …and I know it… So now what? 

 I have to forgive you whether you decide I am important enough or your prideful ego will allow you to do the right thing!  Have you seen these people that do all this wrong talk to everyone about the problem but “NEVER” seem to get to you!  The sincerity is hardly ever there so leave it alone… you are wasting your own time and God’s.  When something is heartfelt it will show… just as if you are making excuses to not make right in the first place.  

I will forgive you but I must possess the gift of goodbye!