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Recently someone consulted me about  a young teen  girl who is gay went to the girls restroom in her church… and the Ushers were so blatantly cruel decided that  they would call her out as a  boy because of her  attire.

So the ignoramuses tried to embarrassed her and made comments that they shouldn’t have. Of course the cowards watched and witnessed… no one came to her aid. They were suppose to be responsible  adults around that witnessed the whole account and said nothing and did nothing. 

What angered me even more  she is still  someone’s daughter . Why go to school  when you can go to church and get bashed?…She got so called…BELIEVERS DOING THIS?

She has already  and  been abused by the church with silent whispers, rumors and their actions of not including her. She affect the other youth syndrome … in the church .

It’s the gay koodies!  

We need to better educate our Parishioners on interpersonal skills towards people who might differ from us! Some are going to hate anyway educated or not!

How is the witness of  our “churches”  when we treat people with such concentrated levels of evil   and abused them with our mouths ?… It’s amazing what the church is supposed to represent but DAMN’S GOD! 

I have seen this kind of hatred among church folks and it reprehensible to think that you labeled yourself anything like Christ and filled with that kind of madness. You want to see some cut throat and maniacal people… find a church near you… It wont take you long before you find your haters, and the cliques… Jesus got the temple together because of what flowed in the House of God. 

This is nothing new right?  

My own experiences with my  relatives who are gay are about the same. We can’t go always in the same places based on the ignorances of others. God forbid going to church …People are afraid to hug them thinking something sexual might happen…

REALLY? People who struggle with their own sexuality follow suit on this foolishness! If I find someone gay bashing it’ a red flag!

People put up their children ALTHOUGH MOST child predators are heterosexual.  People wont touch the hands of gay men thinking AIDS … might be apart of their physical make up… I deal with this stupidity on a regular! 

We all know people who are in our  lives who are gay whether one accepts it or not… Guess what ?  Many of them let you keep quiet about their lifestyles due to the ignorance of not being treated fairly. It’s very discriminatory and not Christ like behavior.  Often times you have more gay people  be near you and you don’t know it anyway! Get out of people’s bedrooms. If we did a closet checks… I can almost guarantee things are in their closets that they think they are hiding but someone knows about it! 

 When I heard how bad someone is treated in church… I am terrible offended and I take it personal!  We are Christians by the love we show… Its sad but true …

Churches are filled with less God and   more with demonic messy entities that will try to  bring out the worst in you …It shouldn’t be that way …but sadly it is.

Many gay teens are thrown in the streets and are homeless because of the stereotypes and what the lifestyle brings. All the finger pointed doesn’t alleviate the truth  or your sins!  For all the stone throwers!

Nothing could have pang me more than  reading about  five members of a church… allegedly kidnapped, and assaulted a gay teen.  More and more people do not know what to believe especially when it comes to being a so-called “Christian”…  

It’s funny along with dealing with racism in America… the typical stereotypes of dealing with the ignorant church goers. Unfortunately, people should be able to come as you are. but most of us no better. We have  more prejudices and hatred in the church.

The gay bashing needs to stop and it’s a shame that we have to tell the church to stop doing it. Hate crimes are hate crimes!  And No matter what sexual preference someone prefers you have no business assaulting them with your fist or with your mouth.  

Here is a real eye opener… You have no idea what people do when someone isn’t looking or goes on behind closed doors.

 Christ went into the vineyard to be that witness in the dark places… All churches are not bad but many need to come up a little higher.

The self-righteous idiots of the church makes me  go there…they seem to be so perfect in their minds but God’s knows the skinny just how low down many church goers can be …they live one way in church and behind closed doors it’s another story.  That’s why many of them wont go near a church…stay out of bathrooms because there are the  trap setters.

I am appalled at the behavior among the people who know better and go along with the foolishness anyway. What Christian is pumping up this kind of nonsense in the name of God?

Remember… if the person coming to Christ experiences this on our watch we are just as responsible… Maybe if the church busy bodies can work on their negative speech and hypocritical lifestyles we can see the pews fill up again….If this is what the world has to experience we are no better than the are…Shame on us!