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First let me express our sincere prayers and condolences to every Police Officer that lost their lives this weekend and to the families of  New York Police Department and the city who have lost two  fine officers. 

How many times have I express the importance of exercising wisdom when others decide that they will sensationalize protest and things of that I nature? I always state and  lay out the foundation of a clear balance with purpose and policies.

There are always the fanatics that are among us, marching and protesting alongside us with negative energy FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS.  Who can explain how it’s all going wrong.  When the right reasons are presented and you have individuals with the wrong agendas. And trust me the blame game will begin.  That’s why I continue to suggest…

1) First show what are the target points or purpose

2) What will be the policies that our community will pursue

3) Make yourself clear and have an honest agenda.

There is always someone who have rotten reasons why they are protesting. Making history means what… If there is nothing to back up endless marching and protesting.  A few find it difficult to take this approach. Putting the cart before the horse doesn’t get anything in motions. Until we hit this from all fronts all of this will be in vain. Creating an anarchy isn’t a great thing. We still must be mindful of the  good police officers as well.   

You could see the writing on the wall with continued protest without demanding reformation within the proper protocols. Two wrongs isn’t going to make this right!  I warned  that the lack of wisdom and know how wasn’t going to resolve anything  but  stir up more mess and disturbances.

We must stay  focus on what we are really aiming to do. Many people always seem to misconstrue having productive  protest. I saw all the sensationalism that led to more violence and open target on good people. 

What did it really resolve? Policies and police reformation is definitely needed. But we don’t want any more bloodshed of anyone in the streets!   What is the purpose of non-violent protesting if there will be attacks on innocent people police or not?

Yes, I believe there is way of demonstrating … There are plenty of reasons to do such!

Yet, be mindful in the spirit of what we are really protesting about because…