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Let me just come clean … I find nothing more irritating than a messy female. I have to admit when they sit next to me or want these negative conversations. I pray that I don’t go there!

 They only have these conversation to see how you are going to respond looking for that right switch. And when they can’t find it. They gather all the mutual haters to “try” to take you down collectively.

Sweet Jesus Yes!!! I have to pray that God keep the bridle on my tongue and sit on my hands!

My prayer starting now… is that they please don’t approach me, come near me or pretend to like me.  I don’t live for compliments. I definitely don’t do the phony compliments, two faces, and the jealousy! I have learned that some women are just cruel no matter how polite you are to them.  I will admit I don’t do well with too many females because of the cattiness and what my  history has been with dealing with the jealous and insecure females.  I am not interested in the split tongues! Rest assured if God gives me a sister-friend she will be secure in what God has called her to be and not be secretly hating on me! 

Oh no! This isn’t venting … this is my daily life experiences with ignorance of insecure females. I am stating some mere truths about the silliness” that needs to find some kind of control. The lack of maturity is almost frightening  and I feel sorry for the men who marry them and to think they are sometimes someone’s parent. REALLY?

The jealous thing is so over the top… these women know exactly who they are and what they are doing!  As many of them do maniacally plotting and planning my demise. They work over time… Remember when someone is so jealous of you… what is in the heart will come out in abundance!

 If they can’t find what makes you tick…they make up lies as they go! I personally don’t feel sorry for you…because I know your day is coming!

God didn’t put me here to thrive off of “fake” friendships and empty social cliques and negative “Nancy” networks. I thank God for his wisdom to set boundaries and keep messiness out of my reputation!  I have made it by the grace of God to stand up like a lady and I know when to be a woman. And it doesn’t take a lot to be yourself… and be genuine!

 What I find so amazing at the insecurities of a lot of women. If you have married a lusty man… Get him together instead of hating on the females he lusts after.  It’s almost insulting to me to think that every time a woman is insecure in what she has married than it must be the fault of the other woman. 

And I a “special” note for the ones who throw their rocks and hide their hands. The “trap setters”…These are the sneaky women who pretend the like you to gather their information. I love running circles around them… because I can almost sense when they have hidden agendas because I don’t share who I am. And for what? If a female decide she is going to gossip and keep the devil stirred up… I don’t give information neither will give her the ammunition. 

God knows I don’t want you in my company, nor  in my house.  I know about the games these kind of women play. They don’t mean you any good when they are preying and not praying!

I find it difficult to believe that they can love anyone until they learn to love themselves.  Did I also say that some of these are so-called Christian women? Christians have many definitions these days… Just add that to their resumes and skip having a level of maturity and Oh yeah… God helps! 

Lastly, my sidebar on how I handle them… Well, I  am not a snake handler… You are not to handle  snakes… You are to be wise of what your moves and positions should be when they are near you. RED FLAGS.

1) Don’t think for one minute they are not relentless on hurting or maiming you or they try to damage your reputation.

 2) Some are so crafty with their mess… and they might act right and look right and then you see who they are in company with. 

3)We must stay vigilant to their Crisco antics.  

My mother told me as young person, the craftiness of a messy female even the ones that hug you and pretend to like you!

Good paranoia doesn’t hurt anyone!  I know better… my life is privy only to me…If I want to share, I am not naïve and very careful of who I share my space with. All the jaw jacking spells trouble. If I am already on the devil’s hit list… a messy female will push his agenda to murder something in your life…So Beware!

I have to share, that  God trained me not on the good people but on the unlearned, ignorant, the fools and the  immature. No, it’s not a good feeling but it teaches you to reach and adhere to conflict resolution. This reminds how imperfect our world is and how jacked up the mind really is. God wants us to love and embrace the people but not the ignorance! I am that light even among the deepest thinker or the darkest mind!

Evil no matter what the gender is…  keeps me on my toes. It teaches you to discern all the worlds tricks and church witches!  Their words are smooth as butter but their hearts render war! You must  discern when you are not  to respond or entertain their evilness or their  foolishness!